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Will They Come To My Funeral?

Will They Come To My Funeral? Death is inevitable, thinking about it give us the opportunity to review our life and design our ending…

The Reason You Are In Business

The purpose of business is to deliver value to your target market. The rest is just details… sort of.

Six Things to Consider When Selecting a Business Idea

How many of you have ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. The flexible hours, playing golf on weekdays in the middle of the day or better still implementing a dream and seeing those dreams get established. We all desire to become masters of our own time nobody telling us what to do, when to do it. As a young entrepreneur, I learnt first hand some lessons that I seek to share with you in order to prepare you when you take that bold step and establish your own business. Enjoy the read.

Brainstorming for the Inventive Entrepreneur

Brainstorming is a great way to find a solution to what seems like an impossible problem. It can yield some amazing results for entrepreneurs and businessmen when done right. Alex Osborn, the man who coined the term brainstorming, says that there are two things absolutely necessary for a successful session.

How to Get Free Employees for Your Small Business!

Did you know that it is possible to get Free Employees for your business? It is legal and commonplace – even the Conservative Party do it!

Video Production Business Tips – What to Ask In Every Sales Meeting

In order to get the most out of every sales meeting with a video production prospect, you need to ask the right questions so you’ll have the information you need to write a rock-solid proposal. This is necessary to make sure you get all the important details before leaving any sales meeting.

The Very First (And Unexpected!) Step to Creating Your Ideal Business

Recently, I wrote an article about some decisions I made in order to create a business that serves my every need completely, without compromising. A lot of people responded to that article, and many of you wrote me how my story inspired you to think about what YOU need in your business. Some people also wrote me that my story gave them hope: it shows that it really IS possible to create a business that serves your every need – no matter how extreme or weird that need seems to be.

What Is a Sales Plan?

Business success built on two things: the quality of your product or service and the thought put into your business plans. Your sales plan is a key part of your business strategy, and to help you get started I’ll explain what is a sales plan and how to write yours.

The Difference Between Good Organizations and Great Ones

Detailed and well thought out preparation is key to becoming tops in your field. Find out how to do this and apply it to your daily life by reading this article.

Finance Your Startup in the Community

Financing your startup in the community makes a lot of sense. This article introduces some of the main ways that you can achieve funding from the people or institutions you know.

How to Obliterate Your Business Obstacles

One’s ability to persist when opposed by set backs and disappointments is a necessary ingredient when it comes to achieving business success. The ability to persist when things look bleak or hopeless is the key quality of success. Often, one’s ability to persevere in the face of life’s challenges differentiates the winners from the losers.

How Great Business Owners Achieve Steady Goals in a Dynamic World

When you set a clear goal for yourself and make a plan, you usually know the action steps that need to be implemented to make it a reality. However, in a dynamic world, the circumstances can change that my force you to alter your action steps. The most successful business owners people are those who are open, flexible and fluid in the face of the change and make the necessary action step enhancements as they move toward their goals.

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