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Know Your Why And Watch Your Business Take Off And Fly

Zig Ziglar said that motivation comes out of expectation. If you expect to be a success and to make a lot of money from your business, you’re much more likely to be motivated to achieve that success.

Ideas for Online Business – Are You an Innovator or a Follower?

Most successful businesses are always the innovative ones. They cater either new relevant needs emerged on the market or ‘old’ needs in a different way. Successful entrepreneurs are those people who push things further creating new trends and improving other people’s lives.

FIFO – First In First Out for Vending Machines

Proper understanding and uses of FIFO in the vending machine business is important for maintaining your profit margin. We will delve into understanding how to use FIFO and why it is so important.

5 Home Business Success Secrets for Women Entrepreneurs

Want to know the secrets for creating phenomenal success in business and in life? If so, becoming a successful women entrepreneur may be easier than you think.

Secret of Wealth Versus Lack

If talking about lack prompts some uncomfortable feelings, that’s good that you noticed. You can now use that experience to understand yourself and change what you want to change about that way of thinking. Remember, your thoughts about what’s going on are always up to you.

How to Get More Done With Less Time, All the Time!

We have all used the old saying why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Usually a small dose of procrastination is harmless. For others, it can spell the difference between whether any work gets done in a day or not.

Flexibility Is A Benefit Of The Home Inventory Industry

Owning your own business is a dream many are pursuing. Frequently, people ask what type of service can provide flexibility of hours. The home inventory industry provides the answer.

Entrepreneurship 101: Your Success Relies On Who You Associate With

As an entrepreneur and small business owner the success of your company and your own personal success rely to a great extent on who you associate and spend time with. Unfortunately this is a fact that is often overlooked, but is truly essential in the long run.

Five Reasons Why People Fail in Their New Business

You’ve heard and maybe read the dismal data: somewhere between seven to eight out ten new businesses fail within the first five years. Within the last several years, you see it in your neighborhood: the empty storefronts, the restaurants with the out of business signs, the half empty malls. It’s depressing. Or is it?

Five Fundamentals of Any Business

If you do online research about the percent of new businesses which fail, you’ll see that somewhere between sixty to seventy-five percent fail within the first five years of operation. The majority fail within the first two years and the remaining by the fourth year. Daunting, right? Does that mean that you and I don’t have a chance? Well, I’ve been running my own business for 15 years now and I don’t see any chance of it failing. However, the first five years were rough. Had my husband not been my partner, I am not sure I would have remained out of the corporate world where I had spent many years of my life. Why were the first five years so tough?

Entrepreneur – What Does That Really Mean?

If you look up the definition of entrepreneur, you’ll see that the word derives from the French with two rather distinctly different meanings. Take a look at how Webster defines the word: “The owner or manager of a business enterprise who by risk and initiative attempts to make profits” and then you’ll see an odd second meaning: “a middleman or commercial intermediary.” I think that some of us may use the word entrepreneur with the second meaning in mind.

LLC, Corporation, or Sole Proprietorship?

LLC, corporation, or sole proprietorship? If you’re starting a business, you’re likely wondering how you should organize that business. Let’s take a look at a few different entity types available to you so that you can make the best decision for your unique business situation.

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