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Alternative Ways To Earn

Given the current economic situation with wages getting low and prices getting high, it is necessary for each person find a good means to earn income. But there’s a problem with the availability of jobs for everyone. For this reason, there are a lot of people who are becoming more creative in finding means of livelihood.

4 Ways An Entrepreneur Can Use The Law Of Attraction To Be Successful

It is true that anyone can benefit from grasping the concepts of the law of attraction and applying them, and any entrepreneur who grasps these concepts can be wildly successful. This is because the idea behind this law is that your feelings and thoughts affect your reality. When you align your vision and goals in life with your thoughts and feelings, life will become nothing short of magical.

Where’s Your Money Honey?

Now is the perfect time to do some planning and visioning for 2013. Whether you’re running a business or just want to get a handle on your personal finances, here are three things you can do right now.”

Marketing Success Strategies – Who, Why and How: 3 Core Questions Of An Effective Business Promotion

There are probably a lot more entrepreneurs out there who don’t have a marketing degree or a marketing specialist on staff than those that do. And the truth is, no matter who you are, how big or small your company, or what your goals, you need to know something about marketing. You need to know why to do it, how to do it and who needs it. This article will address 3 core principles that will go far in helping you promote yourself and achieve the success you desire.

Start A Business – 3 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make When First Starting a Business

Are You Ready to Launch Your New Business? Read Below and You Will Learn What Mistakes to Avoid.

How to Turn Any Obstacle Into An Opportunity

“What’s the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.” -J. Sidlow Baker No matter how well you are already doing, there’s always a next level to reach – and every new level brings you new obstacles. That doesn’t have to be a problem though. Obstacles have no power over you. What turns them into problems are your attitude and beliefs about it.

Social Learning, One of the Effective Ways to Broaden Your Learning Horizon

In the current scenario business enterprises invest a lot of time and resources in efficiently training their employees. It has been observed that the amount spent by the firms have drastically increased to about 13 percent from 2010 to 2011. With the increased attention on the training sessions the next major issue is the retention of their interest in the training or e learning courses. As companies spend a considerable amount of money in training these employees it becomes very important to engage the participants in the sessions. Social learning is one such way that can help you accomplish this.

7 Metrics for Raising Money in Record Time

I’m the first to admit that raising money can be a huge distraction and an extremely frustrating experience for any entrepreneur. You may wonder why I have patches of grey hair and defined wrinkles at the ripe young age of 31.

How to Recognize Business Opportunities Right in Front of You

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean you know which product or service to create. Sometimes you need help recognizing business opportunities. There are a few ways to see them when they show up; read more to help you along your journey.

Developing Emotional Intelligence to Help You and Your Organization

The concept of emotional intelligence, which is often referred to as EQ, is one that can help your business immeasurably. Find out how you can get a jump start on developing your EQ today.

Elitism and Institutional Power – Henry Ford

Power in America has been an ongoing topic of discussion for many centuries now. The ability to decide, persuade and make changes to public policies are examples of how great power is exercised. According to Thomas Dye, Professor of Political Science at Florida State University, “a few thousand individuals out of 281 million Americans decide about war and peace, wages and prices, consumption and investment, employment and production, law and justice, taxes and benefits, education and learning, health and welfare, advertising and communication, life and leisure.”

5 Keys to Self Care for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are lousy at taking care of themselves. The problem is that when you don’t take care of yourself there is nobody to take care of your business. I’m not saying that as an entrepreneur you don’t have to work and work hard. What I am saying is that when you take care of yourself, your body and brain will work better, and you’ll enjoy what you’re doing.

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