Produce Almost Instantly to Slash Your Investment Requirements

This article looks at a way to reduce all of your and your stakeholders’ investments by 96 percent by focusing on an operational discipline that provides many other advantages: producing a product or service almost instantly. In practice, it’s not possible to produce instantly… but it’s certainly desirable to get as close to that result as you can.

Increase Your Ability to Attract More Profit

Most people get by with just enough money to pay their bills, splurge on a toy once in a while and take a yearly vacation. Many business owners want more than this but settle for less.

You Don’t Need Permission to Do Great Things In Life – I Hereby Give It To You, Now Go Do It!

Sometimes I think we are squashing the American potential, and I certainly believe from an entrepreneurial standpoint that we are crushing innovation at every turn. There are simply too many rules, laws, and regulations which prevent small business owners from going to the next step, expanding their business, getting a business loan, or hiring more employees. If we really want to deal with our unemployment situation, increase innovation, and get this economy firing on all cylinders again then we need to be thinking here.

Have You Experienced Failure?

Learn how successful people overcome failure in business. Learn how successful people view failure in business.

Why Every Business Idea Needs a Value Proposition

Many people start a business or launch a new product because they have had an idea for something they want to do. But some quickly fail because they go to market without considering whether the idea is viable in the real world or not. Measuring the potential that a specific product or business idea has can help you forecast and project possible profit margins. Read More…

Eliminate More Overhead Costs

Shoot for zero overhead. This article explains ways to do so.

The New Age of Leadership

When evaluating the essential attributes for successful leaders being “visionary” is at the top of the list. Leaders must be able to look ahead and not only plan and execute long-term goals, but ideally how they can help enhance their company’s prominent and influential position.

Create Multiple Streams of Income Now

Many people today are looking for ways to increase their income. If you want to increase your income, then you need to create multiple streams of income. Learn a few simple ideas to get started now.

Alarming News About Your Business Success

What do you do on the weekend for a wake up call? Alarm clock radios, wake up calls in hotels, travel alarm clocks – are all of these heading for the extinct list? Smart phones and web based services are how many people who require an assist to wake up find their help.

Things to Know About Donating a Car to Charity

Several charities run a car donation program as a means of raising support for their organization. The vehicles received through these donation programs are not generally used for the charities themselves, but rather sold at auctions or privately by the charity.

Lessons From Five Under-20 Internet Entrepreneurs

The teen netpreneurs (Internet Entrepreneurs) under study here are Cameron Johnson, Ashley Qualls, Catherine and David Cook, and Adam Hildereth. These young people seem to have achieved feats in the online business world, but I bet they possess some underlying values which every aspiring small business owner needs to adopt. These values seemed to exude from each of them:

Make Your Events More Profitable With Mobile ATMs

How can you make your special events more profitable every time? Making your event more profitable is something that mobile ATMs can do. Did you know that up to 75% of the money that’s withdrawn from an ATM at events is actually spent at the event itself?

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