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The Power of Master Mind Groups

If you are going to succeed in your business then you will not do it alone. Don’t get me wrong you can do well on your own, however if you really want to make it big then you need to leverage off of other experts and be part of a “Master Mind” group. No one person holds all the keys or secrets to a successful business, but if you have a room full of talented individuals then you would have a greater chance to succeed.

Building Your Business Should Be Fun

One word of advice, always choose your family. I always made the decision to choose my family first, but in over twenty years in business, I never lost a deal or client because I was picking my children up from school or watching their events. This was my goal. I grew several companies while attending to my family’s needs first.

How The US Business Can Compete With China

The question remains. How can you compete with companies that are paying less for labor and materials and can produce more because they don’t have unions and labor laws? That’s a pretty overwhelming task, and that is what US companies face when trying to compete with China.

Entrepreneurs and the Matrix – Red or Blue?

Do you remember the Matrix movies? There is a scene in one of them that helps us to understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. So, let’s look at it and ask, “Which will it be for you? The red pill or the blue?

Dany Bahar Rises Above Jealousy and Rivalry

The dictionary describes jealousy as ‘a jealous attitude, especially towards a rival’. It also describes it as being a ‘quiet watchfulness’. And there’s certainly a ‘quiet watchfulness’ going on behind the scenes at Group Lotus where Dany Bahar is the object of deep seated ‘jealousy and rivalry’.

Business Success

David is in a very highly regulated business. Over the past 20 years he has seen regulation and price competition completely change the way of doing business. He supplies food to government buildings and schools for kids. David has a vending company. The thing is that while the majority of vending companies in the area have seen a loss of profits over the last two years, David’s company has grown in sales and profit by 20%.

6 ‘Easy Breezy’ Ways to Boost Client Retention

As you probably know the cost of acquiring new clients can far outweigh the cost of keeping existing clients or those who have expressed an interest in working with you. The trick is to balance the need to be continually filling your marketing pipeline with new prospects and working to retaining your existing customers for the long term.

Weaknesses of Self-Employment

To many people self-employment sounds like a perfect job. Creating your own hours, working the days that you want to work, unfortunately it is not all that it is cracked up to be. The truth about self-employment is that you have to be your own boss. You need self-discipline, and motivation to get yourself out in to the community to find steady employment. If you do not find work, then you will be without income. When you are working for a company they usually provide benefits to an employee. When you work for yourself or you own your own business it is not likely that you have these benefits, such as: 401K, medical and dental insurance, paid holidays, a pension, and unemployment benefits if you are without work for a long time. You will not receive pay for any missed days or days off of work, and it will in fact cost you money to take a day off of work.

Core Concepts of Freelancing and Independent Contracting

The core concepts of a freelance worker and an independent contractor are rather simple. It is an individual, who in simpler terms, will do work for a client or customer, and then is paid through the company that hired them to do the job. All work done through freelancing or independent contracting is generally done under a written or verbal contract.

Great Small Business Ideas for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

There is no better time to become a business owner than today. A decade or two ago, if you wanted to start a small business you would need to have tens of thousands of dollars in capital and that may just be for the physical structure of your business. Not everyone can have the opportunity to become their own boss and invent a useful product, or discovered some new innovations. Your other option is to most likely going to end up working for someone until you retire, which is why the thought of entrepreneurship is becoming a more popular idea to many. Today, online home based businesses have an average capital investment below $5,000 and some have even find great success with just a couple of hundreds of dollars given the right small business ideas.

Basic Advantages of Self-Employment

With the right set of skills and discipline, being self-employed is a good career move. There are very obvious advantages to working for yourself like, choosing your own work hours, and being your own boss. Some are not as obvious, things like, choosing your own staff that you would like to work with (if anybody), deciding what jobs or clients you would like to take on, and the inability to be fired. Most of the times if you choose to work for yourself then you are doing something you love. Being paid to do something you love is the American dream, and making it seems as if you’re not working at all.

What You Can Learn About Business From Angry Birds

Angry birds, the iPhone game which involves catapulting scowling winged creatures onto a building to destroy it has now taken the world by storm. It has spawned many different revenue streams for the developers. I am still stumped by the success of this relatively simple game but upon retrospect, there are many business lessons one can learn from this underground success.

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