Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping: Revealing My $1,000/Day Strategy


How To Start an Online Business

Have you ever considered starting an online business? Afraid you don’t have the money or computer skills to get started? Not to worry; I will tell you how to start a free online business.

Can Entrepreneurs Keep Talented People When There’s No Job for Life?

Is it safe to assume that entrepreneurs will always be able to get the talented people they’ll need? Does no job for life mean that there will always be a pool of skilled workers who want to be “hired” more than anything else? It that’s what you think, then you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

How to Estimate – Painting Business

How much is a good paint job? In order to answer that question, you need to know how to bid a paint job. Before you can estimate you need to know how long it takes for you or your crew to paint individual items, such as doors, windows, walls and ceilings. Then count the items in the job and multiply.

6 Reasons Why You Should Have an Online Business

Do you know anyone who isn’t connected to the Internet? Such people are getting harder to find, and more are connecting everyday. How many businesses do you know of that don’t have websites? Very few, indeed. And both of those facts reinforce the need for you to have an online business.

The Root Causes of Youth Restiveness in Nigeria

Marginalization: The notion appears to have gained ground that the youth resort to restiveness because of their perceived marginalisation by the ‘selfish’ elders in the scheme of things in the communities. In order to get their share of the benefits accruing to the society they resort to taking on their elders headlong, culminating in the restiveness rampant in most of our communities today. Unemployment: Unemployment is a hydra-headed monster which exists among the youth in all developing countries.

Youth Restiveness and Unemployment in Nigeria: The Way Out

The words ‘youth’ and ‘restiveness’ have become so commonly used together in the last couple of years that it seems to have taken on a life of its own. In the last decade and more there has been a proliferation of cases all over the country and indeed the world, of youth agitations which have tons of people dead and valuable infrastructure as well as personal properties lost and destroyed. A sustained protestation embarked upon to enforce a desired outcome from a constituted authority by an organised body of youths, fits the label of youth restiveness.

Job Creation Strategies for Youths in Nigeria: What the Government Can Do

The U.S. needs 25 million barrels of oil daily, and pumps about 8 million of those barrels domestically. The U.S. oil and gas industry provides employment directly or indirectly to 9.6 million Americans.

The Role of Government in Nigeria Youth Unemployment

It is the duty and responsibility of the government and different policy makers to provide such an environment and conditions which are conducive for the youth entrepreneurial activities. Different policy initiatives encourage and motivate young people to come up with new ideas and start their own youth enterprises. This will first reduce the incidence of unemployment to a great extent and as such would have dealt a massive blow to the problem of youth restiveness.

How to Get What You Want by Bartering Without Paying Taxes

If you’re thinking of starting a business, one of your challenges may be to obtain expertise in areas that you nothing very little about. They may include how to create a website, how to set up an online shopping cart, and how to deliver your product. The lack of know-how can be a vexing problem because new businesses seldom have the resources to pay for these services. So, what can you do?

Take Care Of Your Business, X

We each will be dominated, to a greater or lesser extent, by the inner image we nourish. So a great way to feed your inner Entrepreneur (and starve your inner Victim) is to think of yourself as being in business for yourself, even if (and especially if), in a commercial sense, you are not. The Victim in your workplace acts as though it’s the “company’s” job to make sure he survives… the Entrepreneur next to him operates as though the company’s survival depends upon her, and her performance. The two mindsets are completely opposed to one another….

A Traditional Business Plan Won’t Cut It? That’s Not True!

In a recent online version of Inc., a leading business publication, Michael E., Gerber, described as “a true legend in entrepreneurship” and the author of a best-selling book that’s reportedly sold over 5 million copies, made some rather bold statements that deserve a second look. His most questionable statement: “A business plan that attempts to account for all the possible changes that will happen in the future is obsolete before the ink is dry on the page.”

Challenges Facing Women Entrepreneurs

All business owners face certain challenges, but women, because of their gender, often have additional challenges and obstacles that their male peers are less likely to encounter. Working women who have children experience even more demands on time, energy and resources.

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