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The Law Of Reciprocity

“You can have anything you want in life if you help others get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar. I love this quote.  In fact, it’s the cornerstone of my business and it means more to me with every passing day, new client or new venture.

Using Your Secret Sauce To Attract New Clients, Get More Business and Increase Your Retention Rates

Do you have secret sauce in your business? Not secret sauce like ketchup, A-1 or any type of condiment. Some people refer to their secret sauce as their hook.

Want to Kill a New Business Opportunity? Avoid These 5 Often Repeated Mistakes

I review new Business Opportunities for a living. My Consumer Product Development and Marketing Consulting firm is besieged with presentations, Executive Summaries, product prototypes and Business Plans. It is a tribute to the ingenuity and creativity of people that the urge to invent is so common. Unfortunately, very few of the projects we review will ever see a retail store shelf.

Help Wanted: Real Leaders

Are you a leader? I believe most people have at least some leadership potential. The world has enough followers and a lot of indifference. What we need now are real leaders. What are the marks of a real leader?

The Development of Imagination for Your Road to Success

My study of Napoleon Hill’s 1925 edition of The Law of Success continues to be a fruitful exercise for me. It’s not that I’m learning anything new. His concepts through Think and Grow Rich have been around for more close to a century.

ONGC Tenders – Oil and Natural Gas Tenders for Business

Oil and Natural gas are kind of products that touch our lives in many ways. Both oil and natural gas covers up most of the energy demand. There is immense possibility of business opportunity in the sector of oil and natural gas. Oil and natural gas remains in high demand due to high consumption in transport system. The tenders and procurement notice of these products are one the most sought after tenders.

Developing a Business Mindset Is Key to Starting Your Business Venture

The author Napoleon Hill wrote, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” The famous quote from his book, Think and Grow Rich, points to the link between thought and success in both business and life. Indeed, our thoughts are not just “things” but important assets to be used in the foundation of all our plans.

5 Tips On How To Get Rich

According to the Holy Scriptures, “money answers all things”. Little wonder why men toil all their life just to get a hold or accumulate this five letter word “money”. Here are five simple tips on how to be rich in your entire life:

Entrepreneurs Should Consider Outsourcing To Grow Their Business

Outsourcing can be one of the best things for your business, or it can be a nightmare. Like any other aspect of your company, as an entrepreneur, you need to plan for the work you want a contractor to do, set measurements and goals and test their work before you have them start. If you don’t do this you move forward at your own peril.

How to Register a Business

While you are registering a business, you should know some vital points which are included in this content. Your first option for registering a business is to choose the structure and it should well fit contentedly, just like a pair of shoes. If you chose a bad business structure then it may lead the way to great hassle. Sole trader, proprietary limited company, partnership, association and co-operative are some of the most common business structures known in recent market. In each structure you will find advantages as well as disadvantages.

Ideas and Innovation – The Engine and Fuel of Entrepreneurship

The engine and fuel of Entrepreneurship are ideas and innovation. Both are skills that can be learned. Read about the seven ways you and your organization can become more innovative.

Individualpreneurship – The Discipline Of The Individual Entrepreneur As An Enterprise

Individualpreneurship is an activity whereby an individual (the “individualpreneur”) behaves as an enterprise in their own right, and is fully responsible for both professional and personal income generation and expense management. The individualprise is the notion of an individual as an enterprise with multiple streams of income from employment, entrepreneurship/business ownership, and investing activities.

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