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The Top 10 Items You Need For A Storage Auction

If you are ready to go to a storage auction there are a few items that you must have! Here is a quick list of what you will need to get you started making money with storage auctions right away!

Creativity and Business – The Importance of Being Still

As business people and entrepreneurs, we often spend our days in a flurry of activity. This seems like the only way to exist, knowing that we must constantly keep moving forward in our business, and after a while this movement, this momentum, feels like the normal state of being. There is an important part of creativity, however, that must be incorporated in our daily business routine for several reasons, and that is the idea of stillness.

Find Your BIG IDEA and Keep It Simple

As a creative person who has either recently launched a new business or if you’re just starting out trying to figure out just what product to start with, it’s a good idea to keep it simple. Keeping your base categories and product line straight forward helps your customer know exactly who you are, what you offer and how they can relate to your brand.

Article: Make Joint Ventures Work

Creating Joint Ventures (for Beginners) One of the key, SEVEN steps to marketing and business success involves defining our own strengths and weaknesses and then managing the gaps. There are TWO solutions: a) step-up by training/practice or b) attract the skills to you. This article deals with the latter case where you partner with others to add advantage.

Creative Entrepreneurs – The New Fifthly Rich

In the last 12 months we have seen a rise in the number of creative entrepreneurs starting up businesses in Singapore. Fezzi, Smaato, ThoughtBuzz, SMS Dome, Chalkboard and Yoose, to name just a few. This week I learned of two others. Little Voice Game which is launching a Facebook game and MyCube, which ambitiously plan to compete with Facebook.

Ready to Become a MOMpreneur? Start Your Own Small Business

Do you have a budding idea, a way to solve a problem you encounter every day or a creative product your friends love, then why not think about starting your own business! Take inspiration from Sara Blakely, 41, Mom of one, inventor of Spanx and now the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire. Keep reading for all the information and resources you need to take action now and make your dreams into reality.

Laundromat Business Information and Resources

What separates these successful laundromat owners from the losers. Much of the difference comes down to the research, planning and preparation that is done before the coin laundry is opened for business. To increase your chances of success in this business you have to do your research and gain access to quality information. You have to read everything that you can and talk to people who may be able to offer useful advice. Below I have set out some potential laundromat business information sources.

4 Ways To Position Your Business and Improve Your Profits

Fellow business builder, here’s something for you to dig deep into this week. Whenever you start working with a new client, you put a significant amount of your time into the positioning of them in the market place.

Finding the Courage To Be A Lot More Visible

Being in business requires a different kind of visibility, one that is much more vulnerable. You aren’t a role or an anonymous face of an entity. You are you. You represent yourself.

Revolt of the Entrepreneurial Culture

The old employment model is breaking apart. The world of work is changing and it will never be the same. In the old employment model, your company would provide slow but steady income growth; pay for vacations and holidays; organize health, dental, and vision care for your entire family; setup and manage a pension for when you get old; provide life insurance should you die while still working for the company; and much more.

The Fine Art of Balancing Work and Life for a CEO

Any day in a CEO’s life is demanding. From juggling work, health, friends to family; everything can take a toll on a CEO. Read this article to understand how to efficiently manage your time at work, so that you get ample time to rest and spend some time with family.

Understanding Motivation – 4 Steps to Get You Moving

Knowledge is not motivation. It can help in the process, but to truly motivate yourself to take action you need to understand motivation.

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