Entrepreneurial Vision – The Key to Maintaining Focus in Your Business

Is your entrepreneurial vision clear? In this article I will explain why having a clear vision is essential to maintaining focus in your business. I also discuss how when your vision is clear and laser focused, it can act like the North Star and guide you if you let it.

The World’s Most Successful Teenage Entrepreneurs

Successful teenage entrepreneurs are among the most inspirational people in the world. Given their creativity and the ability to see things in new perspectives, it is no wonder that many teenagers-individuals aging from 13 to 19 years old-have become some of the world’s most successful and richest people.

How to Build a Successful Service Business As a Lease Broker

Today LEASING is a popular way for businesses to get use of equipment without laying out big bucks. Thus, if a business needs any of the following equipment, they can easily lease it – by mail…

The REAL Worth of a Scuba Dive Business

I have been in the tropical destination scuba diving business for 20 years now, and have been involved in owning, running and finally selling scuba dive centres, liveaboards and resorts. I am writing this because it seems to be a recurring theme throughout discussions with new investors/entrepreneurs and business buyers into the Destination Scuba Diving Business.

Take Care Of Your Business

Are you taking care of your business? Today, whether you own a commercial enterprise or not, you are pretty-much in business for yourself. And your business will take care of you, ultimately, if you take care of your business….

Owning Your Own Business

Thinking About Owning Your Own Business? Are you wondering what it would be like owning your own business? Have you been preoccupied with these thoughts over the years? Have you worked year after year for someone else, but feel like entrepreneurship is within you, but just haven’t made that commitment to step out?

Do You Know What Your Business Cards REALLY Say? (Part One)

Did you know that a significant key to your success could be as easy to find as your business cards? Actually, what I’m referring to more specifically is what’s printed ON your business cards. I’ve heard branding experts say that the least expensive form of advertising is a business card, yet most professionals don’t see their card as advertising and therefore they skimp on it by creating a home-made card and/or using one that is very generic that does not set them apart from the hundreds or thousands of professionals in the same field. This can actually damage their credibility. I have to say that I completely agree with this statement. Let me explain.

How To Get Ideas – For You, Your Business and Your Community

Coming up with new ideas isn’t always easy. And while there are loads of different ways you can create the opportunities for ideas to spring to mind, there is one fundamental ingredient you must have if you want to get new and innovative ideas. You need to give them space to grow.

How to Start a Service Business in an Area You Have Little Or No Experience

Amongst other qualities, experience is obviously the most vital requirement needed for a successful service business. But this is not to say that some service business can’t be ventured into with little or no experience.

Optimize Your Return on Relationship: Building Value Creating Alliances

In order to optimize your Return on Relationship, you must understand how you are creating value for customers, your partner, as well as for your organization. Successful alliances are three-way value propositions.

Define Your Target Market

Get clear, drill down to the person who would be the one you really want to work with and help. Then when you know your ideal clients’ problems and you have their solution, you can start messaging directly to them. By marketing to and networking with your ideal clients, you’ll spend your time and energy directly on the individuals who will purchase your products or services!

First Steps to Starting My Business

Have you ever thought about starting a business, but had no idea where to start? This is an excellent guide to get you started. It will cover all of the basic steps to get you on the right path!

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