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Professional Services for the Entrepreneur – Value for Money?

There are horses for courses in this as in the racing world. There are some very effective professionals who specialist in small and start-up companies, there are some high profile professionals who, whilst looking the part will delegate your issues to a trainee way down the pecking order.

Are We Born Entrepreneurs?

Western society is inundated by the notion of the ‘self made’ entrepreneur. While some might see Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton as savvy business women and born entrepreneurs, there is a whole other breed out there who specialise in creating the income and lifestyle they desire. This is done without the inhibitions of an employer, salary, work hours and hourly wages.

Save Money By Ordering From A Dollar Store Supplier

Nothing can beat that feeling you have when you are able to get a great bargain. There are very few things that compare to the exhilaration of being able to buy what you need for a low price. Not only is it fun, but in these tough times, it is essential. Frugality has become trendy and there are articles and blogs everywhere about how to live on less while still being able to maintain your current lifestyle. One of the best ways to save money that you may not be aware of is to find a dollar store supplier. Dollar store suppliers can easily be found online. Some offer a few products, while others have thousands of items available for you to purchase. Most people think that you have to be a business owner to buy products from an establishment such as this, but that is a common misconception.

Banks and Their Services for Preferred Clientele

This article is about banks and their recommended services for their preferred clients. It explains some of the popular services that they offer to customers.

Have You Fallen Victim to the Shiny Object?

At one time or another, we, as entrepreneurs, have fallen victim to shiny object syndrome. Save yourself the time, frustration and wasted resources that come with suffering from shiny object syndrome. Trust your instincts and stick with your plan.

The History of Vending Machines in Schools

The use of vending machines in schools has taken an interesting path over the years. The were slowly introduced in to school cafeterias and the concept gradually become more popular. They were seen for a time as a convenient way to serve food, though some experts in the medical field sent out early warnings about the food they dispensed.

Network Marketing, Is It Legit?

I’m sure almost everyone asked this question before. This is something that even I thought was a certainty about this thing people called MLM or Network Marketing, or what I use to call it..

Sample Business Proposal – Be Careful!

Using a Sample Business Proposal to help get your business proposal off the ground. Practical advice and information for entrepreneurs on the major pitfalls of using a sample business proposal to attract funding from both equity and debt sources.

A Great Way Of Saying Thank You

A compliment slip is a great way of thanking somebody for his or her generosity or consideration. They are a great way of disseminating the company’s logo while increasing the visibility of the company’s operations. It creates a consistent, trustworthy and professional image of the company’s identity and brand.

25 Free Small Business Lessons

If you are seeking training for your existing business; or if you intend to launch a business, this article should prove helpful. Here are 25 pillar small business development lessons I learned during the first five (5) years after launching my consulting firm.

Focus on the Easy Money

I used to have a bad habit of creating new ways to generate money every month. Sometimes it takes a simple question to wake you up and be smart about how you increase your profits. The question that always works for me is, “Where does most of my money come from?”

Secrets of an Entrepreneur’s Closet Using Fashion Feng Shui

You’re an entrepreneur, who is creating a heart based business, living your true purpose to provide a service that creates a transformation in your client’s life. But how do you stand out? What is different about you and your business?

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