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Business Owner Or Entrepreneur – Which Are You?

This is a great time for the entrepreneur. The current rash of layoffs and business closings has driven former employees to start their own business or buy one. There is a reason for this.

Start A Business – Invest In Yourself In Today’s Uncertain Economy

Many people feel the struggling economy should is not the time to start a new business. Others, who believe in themselves, feel the opposite. They believe this is the best time to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

How to Start Your Own Business Using the Strategies of Charismatic Leaders

Researchers suggest that the best time to start a business is during recessionary times. Charismatic leaders are excellent at creating organizations through personality, tenacity, and perseverance. By emulating the traits of charismatic leaders, entrepreneurs can increase their chances for business success.

New Beginnings in Business

New Beginnings and Fresh Starts – As we close up the first month of a new year, there are many who are embracing a fresh start. These new beginnings cross over into many areas of our lives.

Are Social Sites Bad for Business?

Many people think social sites are a waste of time. Nothing could be further than the truth.

The Hard and Fast Rules of Being a ‘Top Gun’ – Part 2

Succeed in social media marketing by following these ‘rules of engagement’. Part two in a two part series.

10 Funky, Sexy, Cool Systems for Small Business Success!

OK. I know. You’re saying, “what’s up with the title?” Well, it’s like this… what I know for sure is that systems are boring. I don’t know about you… but as a business owner, I am up to my eyeballs in daily tasks and To-Do lists! That said, if I think of my systems as funky, sexy and cool, I just might feel more inspired to do them.

Entrepreneur: Is Perfectionism Holding You Back From the Level of Success You Desire?

Let me start with a confession: I am recovering from a bad case “perfection-itis.” You may know this disease – perhaps you have it too. If so, we’re not alone.

Business Cards and Opt in Email Lists

You can always encourage your targeted audience to get on your list when you meet them in person. And, you won’t seem salesy, or pushy. Be sure to hand out your business cards to everyone. You can equip your own cards with a message such as: ‘My goal is to provide an experience that you will want to share as a referral”. And, be sure to put your Free Experience opt-in offering information here, and on all the materials you give out. Business cards are a routine pass-around marketing tool. And, by now we’ve all heard that we need not lose the valuable real estate on the back of our cards. So be sure to add one or both of these lines on back of your card. You can also write a brain sticky sentence describing the benefit that they will get if they sign up for your information, along with the URL address of where they can opt-in. Three business card strategies to help build your email list…

Entrepreneur: Walking on the Wild Side

Always remember as an entrepreneur, you are the one in control. You can choose to grow your business into whatever you want it to be. You CAN live your infatuation…you can work your passion. You can create a company that is built on smart, practical business strategies blended with your unique and amazing personal take on the world. You can create a vibrant culture where people enjoy coming to work each and every day.

What’s So Great About an Autoresponder?

On virtually all email systems, there are options for use of an autoresponder. If you are scratching your head, wondering what an autoresponder is, it is a automatic message that is sent to those who join your list, based on WHEN they join. They are a great way to reach out to your new list joiners consistently, and to leverage your time. Here are a few ways that you might want to use them:

Is “IT” Holding You Back?

We all procrastinate some things in life and that holds us back. But the ones that hold us back the most are the ones we REALLY dread. We keep from doing them because we hate them so much we create stories in our heads about how long they take and how difficult they are. And if you are an independent entrepreneur, these are the things that can really kill your potential success. Because the task you hate doing might just be something your business really needs. There is good news: getting business support can help you in two ways: 1. You’ll get rid of the mental clutter created by the tasks you procrastinate 2. You’ll allow your business to move forward as those items will GET DONE – likely in a more timely fashion!

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