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Business Plans and the Invisible Business Model

There have been many developments made in recent years in the development and explanation of a start-up’s business model. Why is it that business plan templates and business planning software ignore these developments? This leads to sub-optimal business plans that don’t communicate as effectively as they should.

Passive Income – Can You Make Money From Developing and Selling Apps?

Can you make money from developing and selling apps? This is a question that lots of people are thinking about these days. There is a huge potential audience to buy your app, but will people want to buy it? There are numerous types of apps, from games to education apps, each has their own specific economics and markets.

How To Make A Money Machine

Have you ever wanted to have a Money Making Machine? A machine that once you turned it on it just cranked out the cash for you?

What Do Growing Businesses Know That You Don’t?

Learn what to measure to consciously grow your business. Know how the customer lifetime value (CLV) and the customer acquisition cost (CAC) factor into your approach.

Why Is Vision Important In Business?

Mistake #1 is probably the most common of the 10 MOST COMMON MISTAKES MADE IN PRACTICE! As I have written many other times one of the primary aspects to success in life is knowing where you are going… having a strong VISION!

Leadership Lessons From Moneyball

The movie Moneyball, recently released on DVD, is not only entertaining, but offers some great leadership lessons. We can all take note and learn, as we watch the Oakland A’s and their General Manager change their industry on limited resources.

How to Use Local Networking Groups to Differentiate Your Benefit Offerings

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. But it is often difficult for a small business to compete with large corporations to attract the best talent. Using local networking groups is a great way for any small business to differentiate itself from its competition in the labor market.

Being Memorable to Increase Your Sales!

We are bombarded every day with a constant attack of marketing messages. Never before in history has the flood of messages been so great and I expect that we are not going to see a slow down any time soon. So how do you get recognized, how will your goods or services be remembered when someone needs them? If they don’t remember you the sale will be lost.

How Entrepreneurship Should Be Taught to Younger Generations

I took one of my interns out to lunch today and during, he preceded to tell me what types of businesses students proposed opening during college and which ones he was impressed by. As he proceeded to go down the list, the ideas just got wackier and remained as unrealistic as they did immature. It’s not a huge deal and entrepreneurship is about thinking and weighing business options as well as being fun, but where failure…

Selling Through Dealers

If you are a manufacturer, choices must be made regarding how you will sell. Dealers, distributors, a single master distributor, direct. For those of you who choose to sell through multiple dealers or distributors, this article will describe some of the needs to support your partners

Lost Your Job? The Steps to Take Back Your Power – Take Action Now

It is so easy to get discouraged when you are seeking a job, starting a home business or want to change something in your life. You are totally immersed in the misery and really can’t figure out how to move forward. It is totally overwhelming.

The Entrepreneur’s New Year – Tips to Having the Best Year Ever in 2012

Entrepreneurs, use these tips to grow your business in 2012. From marketing to organizing we show you what you need to do.

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