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It Is Never Too Late to Become an Entrepreneur

Everyone approaches crossroads in life that make them examine their future. Some people mistakenly believe that they are too old or too young to change certain factors in their lives. I have news for everyone; it is never too late to act upon your hopes and dreams.

5 Questions That Must Be Answered Before Attempting to Fund or Launch Your Consumer Product

I am constantly amazed at the naivety of first time entrepreneurs and inventors when it comes to the due diligence they must conduct in order to get their idea, concept or prototype to market. Even with the amazing information tools at hand in the 21st century, so many still try to fake out the marketplace by taking shortcuts. This is the equivalent of death by neglect.

Customizing Products and Services Presents Entrepreneurs a Great Way to Bootstrap a Business

Red Bull, Snapple and Arizona Iced Tea did not start as national and international brands. They were bootstrapped. They found holes in saturated, developed marketplaces and they filled niches. This model is available to creative entrepreneurs who are driven to compete, but understand that they must deal from a different, smaller deck of cards.

Why Is Laser-Like Focus So Crucial and Yet So Difficult for Entrepreneurs to Maintain

This lack of laser-like focus is the Achilles Heel for far too many aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs. It is paramount that success be achieved on at least one project before investors, partners or licensees will want to participate in subsequent ventures. By muddying the waters with bits and pieces from multiple, diversified concepts a signal is powerfully given that the owner lacks focus, and thus discipline and commitment.

8 Tips For Finding Good Business Ideas

Quite frequently women tell me they would like to start a new business, but they don’t know what kind of business to start. New businesses don’t have to be started on a completely new idea; it could be simply bringing something to your area that isn’t available right now or improving upon a product or service.  Sir Richard Branson has built a multi-billion dollar empire by improving existing products and services in different industries.

Incorporate Online: Guaranteeing a Successful Business

This article discusses how to incorporate online and why it is better than the traditional process. Legal advice is strongly recommended before making any business decision.

Meaning of Entrepreneur

This is a real big word and can cause a lot of confusion if you do not explain in the right way. The actual meaning of it is a person who operates, organizes, and takes risks for a business venture.

Keep to Your Plan: The Secret of a Successful Launch!

Do you ever just feel the world has opened up for you? Like everything is going your way? Like you broke through that barrier that’s been holding you back? Like your on-top of the world? Well if you have, that means you’ve had an experience to contrast that feeling with, which means you’ve felt like nothing’s opening for you, everywhere you turn there seems to be a new barrier, and you feel like you’re at the bottom of the pile.

5 Must-Haves for a Rockin’ Client Attracting Freebie

How awesome is it to get the information you so desperately need, right when you need it to help you solve a big problem in your life? Pretty darn good, right? That’s exactly what happens for your potential client when they come to your website and see your Freebie waiting for them – but only if it speaks to them and can really help them. In case you don’t know, a Freebie is a free gift that you offer to someone who has come to your website in exchange for them opting into your email list. It is a very effective way to grow your mailing list, start the education conversation with potential clients and to really begin supporting your community.

Power of Gratitude

If you’ve been doing any personal develop or “walking your path” for any length of time, you’ve at least heard (if not experienced) that gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool for manifestation. However, if you’re anything like me, you may have had “a little” trouble really getting that idea of gratitude to “click” or connect when it comes to first building your business. In fact, in the past, I could find all kinds of things to not be grateful for – no clients, creditors calling, rent being due, sky-rocketing heating costs – “gas is how much?”… You get the idea. But what I had forgotten is that they’re called “Universal Laws” for a reason…. they are Universal AND they are Laws. So they are everywhere fixed and they don’t’ change… EVER.

A Mystery Business That Surprises Many

A look at a business with great potential to either provide a few extra dollars per month or grow into a large company. It does not require a great amount of capital to get started and can be operated by just about anyone with the desire to succeed.

The 4 Stages of Business Owner Transformation – The Entrepreneur’s Career Path

Among the many things I wish I knew when I started my first business, was the idea that I didn’t have to work in my business forever. There is actually a “career path” for entrepreneurs!

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