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Small Business: To Succeed or Not to Succeed

How is it that some small businesses grow and succeed, and others fail? Every business owner has the same amount of hours in the day, so what is it that makes some businesses flourish over others?

New Insight: Why Loyalty Programs Work and How Small Business Can Use Them to Crush the Competition

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for work lately, so in order to reduce travel costs I switched my Visa card loyalty program. Turns out, according to the latest loyalty report by Maritz, I’m not the only one who will endure certain inconveniences to reap some extra rewards. Maritz’s loyalty report, which surveyed 6,500 consumers, states the following very interesting statistics for Marketers: – 92% of consumers are a member of at least 1 customer retention program, with the average person being a member of 6.

Entrepreneurs: How Strong Is Your Business Foundation?

As an entrepreneur it is important that your business stands on principles that are set upon a solid foundation. In this article I will explain how entrepreneurs can learn a lesson about foundation building from the story of the Three Little Pigs.

Entrepreneurs: It’s Difficult To Run A Business

Small business owners report difficulties running their companies. As an outcome, they may find it more advantageous to partner with an outsourcing company to cut expenses and increase efficiency.

5 Tips To Take Charge of Your Credit Cards

When starting an online business, you must learn how to take charge of your credit card(s). Remember that whole checks and balance saying to cover your “assets”.

Technology Management Concepts Necessary For Every Business

Technology Management support is required by business of all and sizes. It is essential if you do not have the understanding of the softwares in the market, that you take the help of the experts.

What Type of Business Can I Start With Employees and Run for Only One-Year and Sell?

Having a 1-year reprieve in the implementation of ObamaCare in July of 2013 was a godsend for many employers. This meant that employers of more than 50-employees did not have to upgrade their insurance plans for employees, or start paying a fine for each employee (over 30) that they didn’t upgrade or any employee who joined the insurance exchanges. With the skyrocketing costs of health care many companies could not afford the insurance and still make a profit or stay in business. Worse the costs keep going up.

When Will Entrepreneurs Stop Complaining About Government – Let’s Talk

Just the other day, I met a couple of young entrepreneurs who went and did something crazy in this economy. They opened a new restaurant. Personally, I was amazed that they went for it, but happy they did. They have good food, a good crew, and they are providing jobs for a number of people, and some tax base for the city, in a municipality which has seen better days with its budget. They were not complaining about ObamaCare like everyone else, nor were they complaining about the rules and regulations such as OSHA, County health regulations, tax codes, EPA, or anything else.

Mission Statement Versus a Business Continuity Plan

The Mission Statement and the Business Continuity Plan are two totally different but equally important business documents without which your business is probably doomed for failure. So what is the difference between these two very important business start up documents?

Stop Trying To Tap Into The Mother Lode

Have you ever pushed for “The Really Big Idea” You know, the one that will tap into that vein of gold that increases customers and revenue? Looking for the big idea is often the result of desperation – focusing on what’s not working in your business. Not the greatest setup for finding the mother lode.

My Year of Pursuing My Entrepreneurial Dreams

We live in an age where we have all the informative resources to leave our jobs and pursue the things that we love. Why don’t we? There are many that do and I’ve figured it’s best to learn from them.

Self-Care Isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Matter of Survival for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs spend many hours each week developing their business, often without considering what THEY need to survive. We share five practical tips every entrepreneur can use to take better care of themselves.

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