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Discover the Power in Entrepreneurship and Economic Freedom, All You Need to Be the CEO of Your Life

In this day and age, there is a special mandate for every one of us to take up responsibility for our lives and be the CEO of our lives respectively. This is a golden age when every one of us must willingly put his or her best foot forward to be future forward that keeps our beloved country moving. It is in your best interest to know that this country will be safer and we will have better cities and towns when we become best citizens who have a stake in creating a gold mine for our country.

You Can Be an Entrepreneur!

You can be good as gold and make your life good. You can have the courage of your convictions to make the grade of entrepreneurship and be ahead of the game to be worlds apart in the business world. The unvarnished truth is that as a Nigerian graduate, you do not need to roam the streets looking for jobs that are obviously never in this world, going to go round. You can be streets ahead of that director in the government ministry you so much respect. You can move heaven and earth to be in seventh heaven. You can move mountains and be over the moon. Your ability to carve a niche for yourself is the Midas touch.

Business Basics: Resolve to Earn a Lot of Money

Before starting an enterprise, it is necessary to make a resolve to earn a lot of money from the business. Without such a resolve, the entrepreneur may not put in all efforts, nor will he persist.

Consumers Want Certified Technicians When They Call For Service and Repairs

There are some HVAC and appliance technicians (and some service company owners) who are of the opinion that consumers don’t care about certifications. From their perspective, they often think that the only thing a customer is interested in is getting their equipment fixed, and getting it fixed at the lowest price possible.

The Public Sector’s Reasons For Being

If you’ve never thought about it before, there’s no time like the present. The private sector and the public sector have different reasons for being. The private sector is interested most of all in profit and growth; but the public sector is concerned with “image”and “politics,”and as such what I have to say to you in this article may help you to understand a bit better why things are such a mess, not just in Washington DC, but in nearly every other democracy.

The Disposable Employer

You’ve heard of the disposable employee, but what about the disposable employer? Isn’t it about time to put yours in the rubbish bin?

Everything Stops For Tea!

In the 1930s, the popular song, Everything Stops for Tea, was first heard in the film Come Out of the Pantry, an apt scenario. The gist of it was that when 4 pm rolled around, work stopped and all concerned had their afternoon cuppa. It was a welcome break that everyone looked forward to, and in many places, especially in England, the custom is still observed.

Cut-Up Your Company Credit Card

If you have any authority in your organization, chances are you also have a company credit card. Even if you don’t, it may be your misfortune to be given one. So, read on.

Finance for New Business: A Case Study [2] – Cover The Legal Issues, Or Pay The Price!

In brief:We were approached to assist with a terrific project, it was going to be extremely profitable from day 1, and used new, and radically effective new technology. However, the project failed – What went wrong?

Business in the Cloud

Today, using something as simple as a cell phone – or even a hand held entertainment device like an iPod – you can connect to the Internet and use shared computing resources that even a decade ago were unavailable and 2 decades ago virtually unimaginable. Today, the catch phrase for this phenomenon is computing in the cloud, and there could be no better time for this to be happening.

Imagined Success, Real Success and Commitment To Your Own Business

If you had asked me ten years ago would I still be in business as an independent book publisher I would have laughed and said, “No.” But I wouldn’t have meant it. I am determined to do what I care about and it would take a lot to talk me out of what I do now.

3 Simple Ways to Find Angel Investors

This article focuses on simple ways that a business owner can find an angel investor. There is also a focus on some of the issues with seeking private investment into a small business.

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