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Are You Fit to Start a Business?

Running a business isn’t easy. Do you have what it takes? Understanding what running a business entails is an important first step towards entrepreneurship. With the right mindset and the right help, you can start and operate your very own, successful, business.

Need to Make a Deal With an Angel Investor? Here’s How

This article focuses on how to make a deal with an angel investor. An additional focus is how to use both debt and equity in a deal with a private funding source.

The Employee Is Dead!

The employee is dead! Why would anyone make such a morbid claim? Why not, instead, just say that a lot of people are unemployed, or that they’re in between jobs, and that it looks as though that will be the norm for the next several years?

Need a Private Investor? Here Is How to Get One

This article focuses on how to get a private investor for a small business. A focus on how to persuade a private funding source is also discussed.

Quality VS Profit Margins For New Entrepreneurs

There is so much focus on starting up new businesses for the least amount of money, outsourcing offshore for the fewest pennies possible and restricting customer service in order to save money and automate, quality seems to be almost forgotten. Innovation and creativity are great, streamlined business models which allow you to work minimal hours are fantastic and seeking out the most cost effective marketing methods is smart.

Face Your Fear!

I do a lot of reading. I mean a ton! And like I’ve said in a previous article, if you want to get ahead – READ! It exposes you to new ideas, it gets your heart pumping but most of all it gets your mind working. What’s important about that is, not only does it make you think about this or that, it can also confirm a thought you’re having, it can confirm an idea, it can even make you feel good about yourself as the subject said to you, hey, I knew that and here is how I can apply that today or fix something today!

Build Your Own Energy

Allowing yourself to run on, and eventually run low on energy, can build stress- and that is like rust in the machine. Stress slows down the mind and harms the body, causing you to become even more unproductive. While your business is indeed important to you, remember that every now and then, we need to stop to get some fuel, get a fresh oiling and take care of ourselves to ensure we don’t get any rust in the machine. Then, when it’s time, we can get back to work and ready ourselves to take on the world.

Exploring the Concept of Local Again: Why It Means Next To Nothing Most of the Time

Buy local, support local, go local, shop locally… these campaigns have all the potential in the world, but they are normally thin and lack much thought. They sound encouraging and many people see the “local” aspect and believe that just going to a farmer’s market will be enough, that just shopping at an independent bookstore will be enough. Where does the bookstore stock their books? Where does the flower shop get their flowers?

Top 10 Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Starting a business is not that difficult; however, successfully growing it to generate a sustainable revenue stream along with creating personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement is not that easy. There are many reasons why new start-ups fail. This article focuses on top 10 mistakes that most entrepreneurs make and how you can avoid them to become a successful entrepreneur.

Get Angel Investors

This article focuses on the process of getting angel investors to provide capital into a business. A focus on business planning is also provided.

Private Money Lenders for Businesses

This article focuses on how a business can receive financing from a private money lender. There is also a discussion regarding the cost of this type of capital.

Business Angels for Small Companies

This article focuses specifically on working with business angel investors. There is also a discussion relating to the benefits of working with an individual funding source.

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