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6 Things You MUST Have In Place Before Starting A Business

Before you begin any business you want to be absolutely sure it has the potential to be successful, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s a big corporate business, a clothing boutique, a coffee shop or an MLM business. If you want to be sure there’s a chance for success, make sure you have six basic things in place.

A Timeline of Steve Jobs – His Vision, Creativity and Strong Will

Steve Jobs experienced 56 years of colourful live that saw him rise, fall and rise again. A man that never looked back and blessed with a great mind, he was a truly special man that cannot be replaced by anyone else. Here, you will see what he has brought to the world during his lifetime.

Richard Branson: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

When you think about 21st century entrepreneurs Richard Branson is a name that comes to mind. He took a concept for low cost records and turned it into an empire. If you want to become an entrepreneur yourself, Richard Branson is a good example of what you want to strive for. His self determination, focus and willingness to take calculated risks is a standard that all can learn from.

How Does The Recession Affect Working At Home?

Why does everyone assume that because most of the developed world is in recession, the little man no longer has a legitimate way of making money online? These people couldn’t get any further fro the truth.

When Starting a Business, Think Wholesale!

In order for a start-up to be successful, it must accomplish two things: (1) it must attract people who are interested in buying their goods and services and (2) it must be able to grow with limited capital. Understanding the difference between wholesale value and retail value when starting a business will determine your revenue potential.

3 Rules of Young Entrepreneurship

As I grow and become more mature, I learn both as a person and as an entrepreneur.   There are mistakes of which I’ve avoided the severest consequences by chance, though I have always been smart enough to analyze the experience, determine where I went wrong and correct it.   Out of all that I have learned thus far, the below 6 rules of entrepreneurship have held the truest, and can be helpful knowledge for all aspiring business owners both young and old.

WordPress Ecommerce: Start An Online Business With An Ecommerce Website And Make Money

With major countries worldwide facing financial hardship, many people are losing their jobs as many governments carry out severe cuts to their struggling economies. The affluent are becoming less affluent, and the poor, worryingly worst off.

6 Ways to Overcome Discouragement and Failures on the Way to Your Dreams

Just this morning I was reading a book called Crush it. The author was talking about being truthful and candid with your readers. That encouraged me to write this.

How To Overcome The Biggest Fear Most Online Entrepreneurs Have In Their Home Business

Being an online entrepreneur working from home involves many skills, some you know, and some you need to learn. Along with the skills, it’s only natural for many entrepreneurs to also have some fears, especially when you’ve invested large sums of money to get your home business started. However, the biggest fear most entrepreneurs have when starting their online home business is one they share with some of the greatest entrepreneurs in history.

Imagine Yourself Being A Millionaire

For centuries, the dream of becoming a millionaire has danced in the heads of Americans of all ages. The good news is that now the dream is much closer to reality for many Americans now that people can make that million operating their own home based internet business.

Social Enterprise Investment – ROI Squared

ROI2 (ROI Squared) – Return on Investment x Return on Impact Customarily, there have been two types of investments available: financial and social. The first is investment into high producing firms for maximum return on financial investment. The second, and less common, is investment into the charity sector for a high social return on that investment; which would be regarded as a donation not to be recouped.

Using Trade Shows To Market Your Business

Imagine spending a substantial amount of money for an event and getting no sales or leads from your effort. That’s effectively what happens when you go to a trade show and don’t have a solid plan for what to do with the leads you receive after the show. Trade show marketing for the post event is probably more important then a lot of the event planning itself.

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