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Are We Quitters?

Why do we give up and throw the towel in when we face certain challenges? Why are we so impatient?

The Most Under-Utilized Resource Entrepreneurs Neglect to Take Advantage of Is Local Universities

The job of a professional consultant or service provider is to save the client time, money and mistakes. If the client has limited monies available pursuit of assistance from a motivated student can provide a reasonable alternative. Many Small Business people often root for the local schools sports teams. It can be much more satisfying to use the college academic departments as part of your own team.

Women in Business: Power UP Your Business – 10 Resolutions for the New Year!

The New Year offers a clean slate and a time to reflect on the changes you want or need to enhance your business. Take some time to look at the successes and failures of your life over the past year. Have you considered what changes you want to implement for 2012? Here are 10 resolutions to Power UP your Business for the New Year…

Starting a Business When Unemployed

One major obstacle that a lot of people face in starting their own business is capital. They simply do not have the money nor the credit that is needed to start a brick and mortar business. So I have a few suggestions I think could be useful.

Finding A Great Mastermind Group

Imagine having a strong group of leaders and team members who have knowledge to share and are willing to support you and assist you in all aspects of your business. That is what you get with a great mastermind group. That is also what My Empire Pro is all about. Teamwork and partnership. It is a place where you can learn and win!

Top Ten Most Powerful and Influential Speakers in 2011

People want to listen to those that are emotionally connected, speaking to the heart of what matters. These leaders are not listed in any particular order as they are all equally and vitally as important to our world as they are to me personally.

How to Make Money Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

Especially in today’s shaky economic time, houses are becoming foreclosed left and right. Believe it or not, businesses that clean these foreclosed homes are doing extremely well financially. Look no further to learn about the start-up costs, earning potential, and everything else needed to begin your own small business.

Own A Profitable, Delicious Hot Dog Cart Business

How would you open a profitable, delicious hot dog cart? Yum! Work your own hours and have your customers walking away smiling every time. Continue reading to learn about the businesses start-up costs, earning potential, and other great information needed to start.

House Cleaning Is More Profitable Than You Thought

House cleaning is a profitable business as the hourly rate you can charge, especially in richer parts of town, is very high. You need some basic cleaning supplies to start and you’re good to go. Another great perk is that you work your own hours! Read on to learn about earning potential, start-up costs, and everything you need to know to begin.

Start An Ice Cream Truck: Sell What People Love Most

Ice cream is a classic food and loved by, well, everyone. Chances are the love people have for ice cream will never change. Ever consider opening an ice cream truck & the potential profit it could receive? Continue reading to learn all about how to get started.

Earn More Money Than You Think At Flea Sales

Flea sales are lots of fun and you can usually find some funky items at rock-bottom prices. Some people make tons of money at these events because they know what to look for and turn huge profit on the items. Read to learn about the earning potential of going in to the flea sale buying & selling business.

Starting Your Own Janitorial Service!

If you are looking for a career change or even wish to become self-employed and work for yourself, then starting your own janitorial service can be a task that is made relatively easy with the correct guidance. If you don’t mind assisting people with their daily cleaning chores, the job opportunities of owning a janitorial service will become endless. The first point that must be emphasized however is, that if you are looking to start your own business, please do not quit your day job, as most businesses are very risky in today’s world.

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