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Common Business Entities

A reference to how the most common business entity types-Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation, and LLC – compare in a number of key characteristics. For use in the aid of selecting the proper businesses entity for a startup.

Motivation in the Workplace

Motivation is the link between success and failure in a company. Motivation affect productivity and customer service.

Cops Need Extra Money Too

Police officers operate under different rules when trying to work a second job or start a side business. This article addresses some of those issues with solutions to better help law enforcement succeed financially without compromising their law enforcement career. Types of businesses are explained with suggestions as to how to be successful off duty, earn extra money for your family, and not cause any internal conflict with your full time job. The author has started several businesses while working full-time as a police officer and detective. He has also helped dozens of other officers start their own businesses that compliment their law enforcement job, not risk losing it.

What Is THE Secret To Getting People To Your Event?

Event Marketing Ensures You Won’t Be the Only One at Your Event. Have you ever worried no one would show up the night of your event? It’s a fear that gives event planners around the world nightmares. Event marketing ensures you’re not the only one in attendance on the big night.

How to Start a Computer Repair Business – First Steps

What’s the first step in getting your business going? You may think it’s getting a website built, printing flyers, buying a new desk and chair, upgrading your computer and getting that new smart phone you’ve been wanting. All of that, in my opinion, is wrong.

Fly The Plane As You Build It: The Art Of Believing

Believing you can achieve your goals in crucial to success. So is having faith that everything will work out. Take a look at an extreme example.

The Benefits That Coffee Franchise Opportunities Offer

It’s no secret that coffee is enjoyed on a daily basis by millions of people around the globe. It’s one of the most popular beverages around, which is why you can successfully pursue coffee franchise opportunities if you are an entrepreneur. People love to have a convenient way to enjoy their coffee; some want to sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a cup with friends, while others are more pressed for time and want something on-the-go, like a mobile coffee station.

How to Be Just Like 007 for Your Business

Everyone loves James Bond. In fact we can learn a lot from him about business. I’m not talking about his quick one-liners, having martini’s shaken not stirred but who knows follow these tricks and you may be driving that Aston Martin in no time. Are you wondering if you should check out the competition? Well heck yeah and here’s the number 1 reason why you should.

7 Questions to Answer Before You Become an Entrepreneur

This article is intended to reach out to all those who intend to go into entrepreneurship. It promises to be very rich, educative, resourceful and straight to the point. Pointing out the major points as required and revealing the truth about entrepreneurship.

Moving Offices: The Easy Way

Moving offices can be a tedious job, but it is of paramount importance, as it reflects on your organization’s growth and maturity, and can act as a demonstration of your progress. Nonetheless, the decision of whether or not to move your office requires much deliberation and consideration. This article aims to help you make an informed decision.

Four Marketing Seductions To Avoid

Marketing has never been my forte. I was talking to some people about my struggles with marketing, but before I even finished my first sentence one of the people I was speaking to said, “I can tell you how to do that. Here’s all you have to do. First you do this… Then you do this… It’s that simple. You can do it, but you have to want to.” That familiar feeling started growing in my gut, and I said to myself, “Here we go again.” The ‘here’, where I have been countless times, is on the receiving end of a lesson in marketing that I knew would not work for me. You’ve probably received the same type of lessons or advice too. In learning how to market yourself, your products, and your services there are no more seductive, but deadly, sentences than the ones uttered by my would be helpful acquaintance above.

Web Business – Fear As Motivation?

People say, “Don’t Succumb To Fear”, but can fear be a good thing? In this article, we examine how fear, thought of in the correct way, can actually be a great motivator for you and your progression in your business.

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