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Five Tips to Start Your Own Business

Starting a business is a lot like starting a family. Once you take the plunge, you should be reasonably sure of sustaining it for a good period of time. Hence, before taking the plunge, it will be wise to plan a bit.

Tired of Earning a Living? Why Not Try Living an Earning?

If I said that a few centuries ago work was a privilege for the few who wanted to be socially responsible you’d probably think I had gone crazy, but I can assure you that was once a common belief. Over time as we moved from an agricultural era to an industrial era it suddenly became a necessity to have people working and whilst it may have been simple to entice a donkey with a carrot, people needed a slightly better incentive: money.

Do You Know What Your Business Cards REALLY Say? Part 2

A common mistake entrepreneurs make with their business cards is that they don’t use engaging words on them that lead to a conversation. Often when I look at these cards at a later date, I can’t even figure out what the business was in the first place! There is just a name and a contact number but nothing that peaks my interest in their business, and most often it’s because I have no idea from looking at the card what their business is and nothing that was said to me when I received the card triggers my memory! This, sadly, causes me to file them straight into the trash and therefore my association with that business is over. As a result, time and money is wasted on both sides.

Putting The “I” in Compliance

“Compliance.” It’s one of those words that usually elicits a physical response the moment you hear it. And most of the time that response is a sudden feeling of heaviness weighing you down. Why is that? Because compliance is a word that usually means that we have to do something we should be doing but probably, in most cases, aren’t.

Leap To Find Your Bonus

I heard too much yakking about Leap Day (February 29) being an “extra” day this year. A “bonus” day. A day to do something special. Every time I heard this notion from someone in person, on the phone, or on the media, I wanted to scream, “Don’t you get it? Every day is a bonus day!” Perhaps my buttons were getting a teeny bit pushed. Upon reflection, here’s why.

Star Power: The Difference Between Entertainment and Knowledge

Our celebrity crazed world effects everything we do. From the way that we run our business, to the way that we get our news and information. Today we are told that you must have Star Power, to get your message heard. But, what valuable knowledge is being lost when success now comes from competing for celebrity status versus gaining real skills and knowledge.

GDP, Durable Goods, Finding Business Cycles

This article looks at various economic indicators, along with equity market performance, and arrives at a conclusion. The conclusion is market driven, in view of economic indicators.

Developing Attitude and Knowledge

It seems that everyone is seeking the magic potion that will open doors to wealth, success and happiness for their fledgling business and, ultimately, for themselves. In this challenging economy, who can fault them? But what is the real key to making your mark in business – today or any day? And what are your greatest challenges? You might be surprised.

The Illusion of Inclusion

Our country is interesting because of our diversities; diversities of language, of beliefs, of ethnicities, and of so much more. But, no line distinguishes its people more than economics. In our capitalistic society, we live by the golden rule; “He who has all the gold makes all the rules.” In this soft, but harsh, understanding America is an undeclared cast system. People are divided by their socio-economic standing, and their realities are predicated upon this single factor. The first cast, sorry, I meant class consists of the powerful and elite wealth holders which control a huge portion of the country’s wealth. The second class is the middle class, which consists of the professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and upper earning blue-collar workers. Then there is the lower class, which consists of those that are at or below the poverty line in our country.

Opportunity Knocks With a Career Change at 30

Success doesn’t begin when you finish college. It starts when you are finally satisfied with what you are doing.

How to Get An Idea to Market

Your have a great Idea for a product. Now what!

Winners Embrace Competition!

It’s true- take note of anyone at the top of their game, and you’ll find someone who embraces competition. Competition is a good thing, in fact it is one of the most important things you need to grow your business and your community.

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