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In Training As the New Rich – Noveau Riche

I also had some fantastic opportunities to experience fun and unique opportunities. This has never ceased but I can see that my young life could be greatly responsible for my appetite to live life to the full and on my own terms. And like never before, I am viewing every single aspect of my personal history as a true gift-even the deepest of sorrows and shames-because they all so enlarged my capacity to profoundly imagine the life I desire and created in my a refusal to accept less. But 6th class really stuffed me as far as living the normal 9-5 and walking the common road-if I wasn’t already!

How To Sell Guitars – Make Money Selling Guitars and Musical Equipment

I can tell you from experience that selling guitars is a fun and rewarding business to pursue. I love meeting musicians, helping to spread the music, and frankly, I just love being around guitars. You can make a good living selling guitars and its always great to do something you love! Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re learning how to sell guitars:

3 Tips on How to Charge More and Get It!

One of the biggest mistakes I see women entrepreneurs making is that they’re not standing in their power when it comes to money and their fees. In order to be a successful woman entrepreneur, you need to be confident in your skill set and be paid well for the transformation and services you provide to your clients. What I’ve seen time and time again with my private clients is that when they learn and apply these 3 main elements to their businesses, they make more money, get more clients and their confidence grows in a very short amount of time.

How to Balance Work and Home Life

Tips on how to get things done at work and home. Ways to lead a more peaceful life while still getting things done.

3 Ways How Ecommerce Software Helps Small Businesses To Make Money

How do small businesses grow with the help of ecommerce software? Find out more about it here.

To Succeed in Business, Take Off That Hat

Spend your time and talent wisely. Every hour spent on things that are not your expertise is distracting you from what you do well and will adversely affect your overall performance.

Registering Your Business Name and License in Ontario Canada

In this article I want to cover a sub topic of the Ontario business registration process in detail, registering for your business name as well as registering for your business license. If you want to incorporate in Ontario to conduct business, you must first register a business name and obtain what’s called the Master Business License.

Registering a Business in Ontario, Canada

There is absolutely no doubt that Ontario is the best place to start a business in Canada. It is the biggest local economy with close to 13 million and growing residents. It also has the highest per capita income in Canada.

Watch Out – This Number Can Be Dangerous

A company relied on one business line to carry it through the digital camera revolution. Out of the blue a business person was told that he was no longer needed at the company which he worked for. A successful entrepreneur invested most of his money in one asset class – property. Sobering stories. All demonstrate a common lesson. If you rely on one thing, you could put yourself at serious risk. Number one can be a dangerous number: one income source, one product line, one large customer, one key supplier, one marketing approach, one investment class, one source of electricity (for on-line marketers with no offline presence).

Why I Love to Mastermind

When you add to the mix a significant investment, miracles happen. The first year I was in a very high-level mastermind group, my income shot from $130,000 to $2.2 million! Just making the significant investment lit a fire under me…

Is It Time to Offer Your Own High-End Coaching Program?

I want you to imagine having a group of clients – whether it’s 5, 15 or 50 people. In this group are your ideal clients, and you get to work with them deeply. These are clients who have invested in themselves at a high-level, which generally goes hand-in-hand with people who are going to do the work.

A Leader’s Circle of Influenace

Our top business leaders their keys to success rely on growing leaders, not followers, and realize the fine difference between efficiency and effectiveness. An ancient principle also is used as a guideline of success…..

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