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No Plan, No Direction, No Success

Many entrepreneurs think of themselves as spontaneous people. Get an idea, act on it, and it will automatically become an overnight success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually happen that way. And, it probably won’t happen that way for you. Despite what you may have heard, most “overnight successes” took a lot of hard work and planning.

Is The Instant Profit Multiplier Good For Your Business?

Ian McConnell has created a tool that is designed to give those in business and those who want to become an entrepreneur the opportunity to short circuit much of the education time necessary to succeed in today’s market. As a serial entrepreneur himself, McConnell provides insights in to four key areas of business that will change the way you will look at opportunity and how to capture it.

Building a Business With Purpose: 5 Tips

Have you started your own business but lost momentum, motivation and seen growth slow down or stop altogether? If you are like some entrepreneurs, you may have started many different businesses over the years, but never really experienced the kind of success you desired. In this article, I’m going to discuss an important principle to get clear about before you start or grow your business – that is building a business with purpose.

More Words to Make Your Business Tantalizing

Using the correct words to describe your business is very important. This article shows that by use of the right language your business can be displayed in a way that allows you to compete evenly with the large companies even if your business is only small. You will see that any business can compete equally with any other, it just requires the right words.

4 Tips on How to Choose a Mentor Who Will Help You Build the Business of Your Dreams

If you are dreaming of taking your business to the next stage, but you find yourself JUST dreaming and not growing, then it’s probably time to find yourself a mentor! If you are an RD, ADA has a mentor program. The Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group of the ADA also has a mentor program, which I highly recommend.

Attending a Conference? 6 Savvy Tips to Maximise Your Time

As part of your business and personal development strategy I highly recommend that you attend at least one or two conferences per year. These are great places to mix with your peer group, form alliances and learn something new. You can also get a feel for how you might contribute as a speaker or workshop leader at future events; which of course will give your profile and credibility an instant boost!

Competition – The Good, Bad, and the Better

Picture yourself as a young child with a lemonade stand. The summer is hot, and your sales are up. But now little Timmy has opened his own stand across the street and is offering his own lemonade. But what will this competition do? Would you go out of business, pack up and simply quit. No of course not. You would become innovative about your own stand. You would create new ideas to keep people coming back to you for their lemonade needs. This is what competition does for all business in the world. It offers business the opportunity to better itself, its products and its customer service.

When the Pursuit of More Money Costs Too Much

As a high-achieving entrepreneur, you need a business model that continue to grow that doesn’t require you to work 100+ hours a week. Sometimes the pursuit of more money ends up leading people to massive burn out and feeling so overwhelmed that they lose their drive and ambition. It doesn’t have to be that way! There’s a few tips to shift into a more sustainable business model.

Business Is More Than a Crap Shoot

Those who haven’t owned a business tend to think businesses are built on mystical gut feelings that readily morph into bulging bank accounts, hot cars and holidays. Sure, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates did just fine by following their hunches, but the hype overshadows the massive amount of work it took to make Facebook and Microsoft successful. Statistics on the failure rate of small businesses can be sobering.

Michael Jackson: Mentoring Greatness

As I mentioned, I look for inspiration everywhere. I believe all growing beings need mentors, coaches or teachers to help bring out our best and prod us beyond what we thought possible.

Get Over It, This Is The New Normal!

Having lasted in business for over thirty five years, I think that after going through at least three of theses economic meltdowns I have earned the right to have an opinion on the current economic situation and how it is affecting business growth, the lack of it and what we should do if we want to change it. Whether you like it or not, you cannot control the world or national economic climate, all you can do is decide how you will react to it, and what you will do to put the odds of success in your favor. Honestly that last statement is worth reading again if you have a second!

10 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

For many people, entrepreneurship has become the job choice of the 21st century. That’s understandable given the challenges and rewards of building a successful business. If you are considering entrepreneurship, you should begin the process by understanding the mental, psychological and behavioral characteristics needed for success.

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