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Is Your Business a Jalopy Or a Jaguar?

If you could define your business as a vehicle what do you think would be the most accurate description? What kind of condition is the body in? Are there a few dents and scrapes?

How to Survive a Bad Economy

In a bad economy, people are looking for answers for survival. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that the answer is within their own power; start you own business. Here’s help.

The Best Time to Start a Business

When is the best time to start a business? The answer may surprise you. The best time is always now; even in a bad economy. Read this article to find out why.

How Would Your Customers Rate Your Service?

A lot of companies use the same unique selling points (USPs) to try and convert potential customers. “We give excellent customer service”. While that might be true for some of them, it can’t be true for all. If it was, there would be no need for customer complaints lines, consumer watch dogs or companies liquidating. We all hate it when we experience poor service or feel ripped off by the companies we’re buying from, but are we taking the time every day to assess our own customers’ experiences?

Is Your Message Being Heard? Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we spoke about getting to know your ideal customer. In this article my aim is to help you to use the knowledge you’ve gained from your customer analysis to create strategically aimed messages that will help you to get the response you want from your current and potential customers.

Is Your Message Being Heard? Part 1

I grew up in a household full of dominant personalities. We learned to butt-in just so we’d be heard. My husband can’t stand it. He’s constantly telling me I’m interrupting, that it’s rude, and that it’s important to listen to the other person before you give feedback.

Starting a Used Car Business

Do you want to start a used car business? It is important that you do proper market research first before venturing into this kind of business. Some people think that you should sell luxury instead of ordinary vehicles in order to make a profitable margin. But this is actually a misconception.

Five Power Principles Every Successful Entrepreneur Knows And Uses To Create Immense Wealth

Creating wealth does not happen by accident! All successful wealth creators know, understand and apply principles and processes to build wealth. This article reveals five of those principles.

Seven Basic Business Requirements

Let me start by appreciating the fact that businesses tend to be ineffective and unprofitable when certain requirements are not satisfied. Not until these requirements are met, business tends to remain on a spot as far as progress is concerned generally.

The 5 Laws of Time Management for Entrepreneurs

For many entrepreneurs there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Managing time is an ongoing battle that requires vigilance and determination.

Are You Too Busy to Get Social?

Not a day goes by without a question from one of my clients about how to “do” social media. What is it? Won’t it suck up all of my time? Misconceptions about the whole concept are rampant.

Be An Adventure Capitalist

Entrepreneurs are Adventure Capitalists. To them, most of whom own a business, the opportunity to create a viable commercial concern – to find and keep happy customers – is the great adventure of life. Like almost all famous businesspeople of all time, they fail time and time again, but never lose that spirit of adventure that tells them they’ll hit it big one day….

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