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Being Selfish When It Comes To Your Business

You must be selfish-and assertive-to be successful in business and in life. Here’s why.

Tools to Help You Work From Anywhere

Being able to travel and work from anywhere no longer has to be a dream. However, whether you plan to freelance, just want to free yourself from spending every day in the office or are planning a new startup in a far away location you are going to need to the right tools.

Why and How to Use LinkedIn: For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Find out how to use LinkedIn most effectively as a platform online to grow your business. Take time to discover what most people don’t know about the benefits of using LinkedIn.

A Short Explanation of How Wealth Is Created

The biggest lesson in economics is that one man’s profit is another man’s profit. We need to have filthy rich people, because a wealthy person’s wealth has no value to that wealthy person unless he buys something with it, and when he does, he gives some of that wealth to the person he is buying from, making that person better off. So then how does wealth become created if things are changing hands?

Motivation, Passion, Ambition: Why Their Important to Your Business

Tired of working day in and day out at a job you hate? Maybe it’s time to do something you love and can receive enjoyment out of. Taking the path of an entrepreneur can be a risky one but if it’s based on something you love and have a passion for then that makes the road you’re traveling on a little easier.

Young Entrepreneur – Guide to Networking

Networking is a free marketing tool that is valuable both personally/professionally for young entrepreneurs. Most young entrepreneurs are experts at social media networking but face-to-face leaves lasting impressions on the people you encounter. This article gives young entrepreneurs tips on how to become experts in face to face networking.

Understanding a Joint Venture

These days, it is very common for different businesses to form joint ventures. As post – crisis market still struggles to get to good conditions and resources of companies across all industries tend to dwindle, forming a joint venture with other firms become more of a likely option for businesses, even more for young businesses and fresh startups. The increasing competition further makes the challenges of the times more pressing.

Self-Publishing Book Review: APE for Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneurs (by Kawasaki/Welch)

A book review of APE: Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneurs by Guy Kawasaki and Sean Welch. A tactical guide for entrepreneurs and small businesses interested in elevating their status and creating additional income with artisanal book publishing.

A Simple Formula to Vet Your Business Idea

“Do you think my idea will work?” I get that question often from aspiring entrepreneurs who enter my office for business counseling. My silent response after listening to their dream and seeing a hopeful expression is, “Sure, people will buy anything.

Thoughts Article

It’s amazing how the greatest insights, academia, answers and knowledge were not created in a classroom. They were created by people that were already smart, thinking and learning in different locations, who then shared this knowledge with other people. They weren’t doing it because they had to.

7 Things You Do After You Buy a Business

Your action plan for the initial period after you buy a running business would largely contribute to the success or failure of your business. With already lot of pressure and hundreds of ideas running on mind to grow the business, it is very easy to make mistakes in the initial phase of the business after you acquire it.

Why Do Some People Hate Your Ambition?

The ambition of becoming a leader in your field can seem audacious, unrealistic and even a little cocky. “Who am I to be brilliant, talented, and fabulous” we ask?, “WHO ARE YOU NOT TO BE”? If you’ve got this far, you probably think you have something to offer the world.And GOOD FOR YOU! because You’re probably right.

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