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Watching a Business Develop Around You Is a Gift

Are you wasting time getting your business off the ground? The time we spending on building a business is never wasted. Entrepreneurs are consistent in their business efforts.

Five Critical Points About Making the Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur

Ready to set a new course and change from an employee to an entrepreneur with your own business? If so, you’ll have to make a shift in perspective that many people overlook…

Keys to Business Success: Lessons Wrestling Taught Me About Business

Each weekend is filled with wrestling matches and tournaments, as this is the winter sport for both my boys. It’s one of the hardest sports around — just you and your opponent, one-on-one. There’s no one to blame but yourself if things don’t go well. It occurred to me the other day as I was watching them just how much the sport reminded me of business, which similarly isn’t easy to do.

4 Avoidable Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Growing Their Business

It would be so cool if someone would sell a product that outlined a step by step process that guaranteed every entrepreneur on the planet success. I am thinking something like – Entrepreneurial Success: Five Thousand, Four Hundred and Seventy-Two Steps to Your Guaranteed Success in Business. I would buy that bible. Would you?

Why Is It So Hard in the Beginning?

I often talk to people at events who tell me that they are surprised about how “hard” it is to run a business. They aren’t complaining. They are just pointing out how challenging a business can be on every level.

How to Launch a High Octane Business Part 2

Momentum! High Octane Businesses Ownership is all about fueling business ownership from the “inside” out! Are you frustrated in the marketplace? Are you tired of being a consumer mainly and not a producer? Is the thought of owning your own business rising in intensity? Would you be willing to move your ideas from your own private collection of thoughts to the marketplace? If you answered yes, you are on your way to making some really BIG decisions about your future! Join me in a series of articles that talk about fueling a High Octane Business!

Who Are You Selling?

You have partnered with a company and you are ready to move forward. The doubts set in and you ask yourself is this the products and is this the company that going to change my life? If you think it is just about these things you may not see what you have in front of you.

How to Start a Remote PC Repair Business

In comparison to other PC business enterprises, a remote PC repair business provides PC users specialized PC repair services rather than a live chat with a technician. With a remote computer repair service, the client is the one who offers the technician access to his or her desktop or laptop PC.

Tips to Succeed As an Entrepreneur

Having a business opportunity is not enough when you want to become an entrepreneur. People who want to free themselves from the restraints of being an employee often put up their own businesses. Keep in mind that once you own your business, you will be working harder than an ordinary employee.

The Talent Code: Igniting Our Passion

This article is about Daniel Coyle’s book The Talent Code, specifically as it relates to entrepreneurs and the igniting of our passion! Growing Talent: The 3 Vital Components In his book, Daniel Coyle demonstrates that there are 3 vital components to growing talent and, of course, as entrepreneurs, we want to grow our talent! These 3 components are: · Deep Practice · Ignition · Master Coaching In this article, I will be focusing on ignition, because ignition relates to our passion.

Top 5 Tips For UnReasonable Calls To Action

Most entrepreneurs leave a significant amount of business on the table by not instituting a simple request to take action after each marketing “touch” they make with prospects. Here are the top 5 tips on how to leverage your marketing.

There’s No Neutral

The Universal Law of Momentum says something to the effect, “A body in motion creates momentum. A body at rest stays at rest.” The longer you are inert, the harder it is to move. So what gets in the way of momentum? Here are 4 reasons you may be “stuck”.

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