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Troubleshooting Common Problems As a Tutor

All businesses have issues that arise repeatedly. Here are some common issues that repeatedly arise as a tutor and how to overcome them…

Before Buying a Business: The Different Methods of Business Valuation

Valuation refers to the process or set of procedures used to appraise the economic value of a business. It is commonly used by financial market participants to estimate the price they are willing to pay or receive after selling a business. Other purposes of valuation include computation of estate taxes and stocks of shareholders, identification of a company’s intangible assets, and appraisal of real estate holdings.

Things You Need to Know Before Selling Your Business

Businesses are proof that nothing lasts forever. The corporate world’s competitive nature makes it the one of the most unpredictable environments in the industry.

What Will You Choose?

I’ve made a lot of really crappy decisions. I have! I admit it. And I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, that hurt people, that hurt me. Many of these have been irreversible and life-changing. And boy, was there a time when I would let these decisions (and outcomes) stop me. There was a time I would hang out and allow my decisions to paralyze me, keep me from being present and keep me from living the life I so desperately desired. And then I realized I had a choice.

Three Traits of a Successful Startup

Starting a new venture and making it a thriving and a lasting one is a great deal of work which requires entrepreneurs with an innovative bent of mind, inherent drive, commitment, confidence fearlessness, passion and the will to nurture a vision. The successful businessmen possess exceptional and unique traits.

During These Tough Economic Times

Starting a business is a big step however once your business is up and running you are much safer than many of your friends who are employed at “real jobs”. Often people have asked for ideas or advice when starting on these ventures so I have compiled a list.

A Very Motivating Article for Starting Your Business

Ralph Charell said “Avoid the crowd, do your thinking independently, be the chess player not the chess piece.” Would you prefer to? Be your own boss Escape 9-5 Work for yourself Be the chess player & be the producer of goods and provider of jobs.

Are Entrepreneurs Lucky? Or Do They Simply Make Their Own Luck?

You’ve probably seen those entrepreneurs that come out of nowhere within 2 years and are instant multi-millionaires and we stupidly say to ourselves: “Wow another lucky person just got lucky”. But there are several other factors you are forgetting to take into account. Yes the business he just sold may have made him successful, rich and at peace with the world, but how about the past 15 businesses that he created which failed, are they not a sign of being purely unlucky.

Why You Should Manage Time To Refresh Your Business Strategy And Tactics But Stick To Your Goals

How sure are you that your focus is in the right direction? How clear are you about the five-year end game? Do you have a strategic and tactical plan that is both flexible but incisive? How do you know that you are making optimal use of your time?

5 Easy To Implement Strategies: How to Make Time To Focus On Your Business

For most aspiring and newbie independent professionals just starting out, the time you can devote to working on your business is very limited in more ways than one. How do you find the time to successfully work on your business! This can be very frustrating when you are just starting out. Some individuals have even given up their hope of one day running their own business because of this.

How to Be an Entrepreneur: What Separates Great Entrepreneurs From the Rest

Statistics show that approximately 90% of startup companies fail within the first five years, and that 90% of the remaining companies fail during the second five years. What makes the difference between the entrepreneurs that make it and those who don’t?

Why Should You Be An Entrepreneur?

With the increasing recession, staggering unemployment numbers and economic crisis appearing to get worse every month, many people have decided to consider, search for and finally discover the benefits of starting their own businesses. The truth is that, starting your own business and choosing to become an entrepreneur is never easy especially with so many businesses being established on a day to day basis. However, what makes all the difference is your determination and willingness to make your business work.

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