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Home Based Business: What Makes All The Difference?

A great deal has been penned and rehashed over the items of major importance to a home based business. And while home businesses are my forte, what I am about to say applies to any business. Feel free to debate on this, but in the end, there are only a couple of contributing actors to real business success.

How to Have Influence

I have had the opportunity to study influence. Influence is a magical thing that so few of us use effectively, yet it is all around us.

Calling All Pet Groomers

What would you say if I told you there was a simple way for you to cut your overhead, while adding extra income to your shop, without grooming more dogs? I bet you would say show me the way!

Sustainable Product Packaging Materials

Many businesses are fully invested in being responsible socially and ecologically and would want to be branded as such. In addition, the benefits of reducing operating costs by creating a more efficient process and, thereby, minimizing waste, is very appealing to cost-conscious companies.

Create Your Company Name – How to Create a Memorable Business Name

Find out how you can create a company name that your customers will remember. Important tips every small business should follow when a developing a name that stands out.

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Just having a great idea is no longer enough to start a legitimate business. You need to have the skills and training neccessary to make your idea a reality. Learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and get your first business off the ground.

Become a Teenage Entrepreneur – Business Ideas for Teenagers

Being a teenager these days can be difficult. Going to school, hanging out with friends, possibly getting a part time job, playing sports; these are just a few things that occupy a teenager’s life. Now, to be able to do all these things you’re going to need money. Don’t waste your time playing video games after school. Start making money and start saving for your future!

Are You Leaking Time and Efficiency?

Small business owners and solo entrepreneurs sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the aspects of running their business to their high standards. It’s hard to “wear too many hats”, or to try to accomplish too many tasks, whether in business activities, or at home.

The Voice of Your Business

To conduct quality business, it is vital to understand how important handling phone calls and messages are to your success. Quick responses and courteous speech can definitely help your business succeed. It is also important that your employees understand how to effectively answer phone calls and messages as well. They represent your voice and do affect how your business is represented. How you handle yourself when you interact with callers can affect their future decisions with you.

I Can Become a Millionaire? You Bet You Can!

I used to believe that someday I would be doing great financially. I might have even dreamed that I might be a millionaire someday. I think it really was a fantasy because I didn’t quite believe it would ever happen. But it did. I went from sleeping in my car to being a millionaire. You can do it too!

The Pitfalls and Rewards of Freelancing

So you’ve decided to become a freelancer. But do you know the pitfalls and rewards yet? These may change your mind or encourage you more.

A Generalized Look At The Topic Of Entrepreneurialism

While many people will say that the American dream is based around an entrepreneurial core, it is quite difficult to find a country that is not filled to the brim with stories of self-made business people. Simply starting a business does not automatically make you an entrepreneur.

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