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When It Comes to Startups, Does Age Really Matter?

Is there an ideal age to do a startup? Not really, unless you live a monastic existence-something not very conducive to the networking needs of an entrepreneur. Are 20 something’s more suited to startups?

Tips on How to Start Your Profitable Business

Are you somebody that has an entrepreneurial spirit? If you have such a spirit, you might be surprised with how many options are open to you in order to start a business. These businesses can either be started in your local area or they can be started on the Internet.

Investing in the Cleaning Business for Entrepreneurs

There are many options that are open to local entrepreneurs that would like to start a small business. If you would like to start a business that has a high level of success and can be rather profitable, you should consider starting a cleaning business. One of the reasons why cleaning businesses are so successful is because it takes care of something that the homeowner or business owner may not want to take care of on their own.

ERP: The Ultimate Solution for Thriving Businesses

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning helps a business in becoming more productive. It saves time and controls cost. The article highlights the advantages of ERP systems, and the functional areas where it can be successfully implemented.

What the Federal Healthcare Mandates Mean for Your Business

Portions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare, went into effect in 2010, and the remaining tenets will become law in 2014. While the law has been the source of much debate and controversy (as well as multiple legal challenges), the public may agree with some of its provisions, such as the elimination of pre-existing conditions, required coverage of dependents up to age 26, and the removal of consumer costs for preventive services. The sticking point for most critics is the word “mandatory.

The Employee Cum Entrepreneur

Autonomy is only a piece of the pie. Many of us crave the entire banquet. Some dream of running a firm of their own, others dream of having retail outlets, and some others want to explore their craving for art and craft.

4 Step Process for Exit Planning for Business Owners

A complete Exit Plan rests on these four steps. This is not the only method, but this method is proven. The important thing is that you realize such a process exists.

Starting a House Cleaning Business: Five Steps to Take

Any list of popular startup businesses includes residential cleaning business franchises and independent operations. Many people are interested in starting a house cleaning business, but their reasons may be based on simple misconceptions.

Busting the Myth: You Can’t Make Money Online

Once you decide to learn how to make money online you’ll quickly run into plenty of “information” written by failed internet marketers claiming you just can’t do it. What you need to realize, though, is that plenty of people try to do it but never succeed. They either give up before they actually generate a profit, or they never actually figure out what they’re doing.

Overseas Calling – How to Do It Right

The cost of calling home when away on a trip can be a prohibitive one. Fortunately, options are expanding. It is a time of opportunities, more than were traditionally available when it was all landlines with long distance air times.

I Was Almost An Expert!

Every industry has a natural progression. You begin as a clueless and drooling amoeba, mewling and needful of others to prevent you tripping over your own feet. With the passage of years, if you hone your skills, take your game seriously and manage your personal brand, you can ultimately become a legend, whispered about in the hallways in tones of awe by the incumbent drooling amoebas who have just tripped over their own feet.

My Formula for Finding Good Businesses to Start

Coming up with good businesses to start can be quite a challenge. Within this article we will follow a formula that has helped me and friends of mine come up with good business ideas that we both enjoy and make money with.

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