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Are You on the Road to Entrepreneurship?

Owning your own business can be a daunting thought in every aspect. Especially for people who know nothing about starting up their own company. The good news is that there are so many resources available to help budding entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of company ownership. These resources include Small Business Associations, seminars, and education degrees.

5 Common Roadblocks For Businesses

Managing business is not an easy job and encountering obstacles is inevitable. The path towards business is not always smooth-sailing and changes must be taken to overcome the obstacles. Below are the 5 common roadblocks when doing business.

Economic Perspective on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has been an important part of society and an economic driver of world economies for many centuries. Yet, scholars and practitioners have had difficulty identifying a universal definition. This definitional dilemma is connected to the trans-disciplinary heritage of entrepreneurship as evidenced by the rich ideological leanings of the various scholars, researchers, and authors in the field. In recent years, scholars are increasingly recognizing the roles of contextual factors in the development of entrepreneurship.

4 Tips for Choosing a Business to Open During the Recession

As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, a business or stock is cyclical if its value fluctuates heavily with the economy. While there are many economically proof industries, the majority of small businesses can be defined in some way as cyclical or reliant on the general economy. Therefore, when the economy takes a dive, many small businesses tend go with it.

5 Ways to Break Out of “Chronic Overdelivery Syndrome”

I just had a conversation with a good friend/colleague about money. She knows she’s charging too little, but struggles with raising her rates. However, because she’s starting to feel resentful, she KNOWS it’s time.

How Listing in a Business Directory Can Help Your Company

If you need extra exposure for your company, try listing in business directories. Adding your company in a directory is quick and cost effective. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your business and helps customers easily locate your services.

Obstacles and Challenges Experienced by Entrepreneurs

Did you know that entrepreneurs are vital to the economy of the country? Yes, they are because they provide the needed jobs for the unemployed. More so, they provide income to the government, which is used in funding variety of government programs.

How to Start a Food Truck Business

So you’re food fanatic and you love to create unique, delicious foods. You also love making money and keeping people happy and fed. You are an entrepreneur at heart and want to be your own boss, supporting an original idea that you came up with. What’s a better job than opening your own food business? A new generation of street food has made your job come true. Why not start a food truck business, that will surely become a staple of the American culture and fast food gourmet lifestyle? Read on to find out just how you can start your food truck business, today! Right now!

Is the Holiday Season Sending Your Mind Into a Tailspin?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are emotionally-charged times of the year! Can you consistently answer “yes” to the following: Am I being true to my core values, beliefs, dreams and goals? That will help! By applying these mental, emotional and physical decluttering tips you’ll have a healthier and happier holiday.

5 Essential Ingredients To Make Money

Are you looking for that One magic bullet to make Money? Are you working your hardest in your home business, not getting where you had hoped to be?

The 80-20 Rule – Or The 95-5 Rule?

In the world of entrepreneurship, you have most likely heard mention of the 80/20 Rule. It is one of the more popular laws of business. Many swear by it and even abide by it with strict adherence. But is there a ratio even beyond that?

Nightclub Business Plans For Entrepreneurs

Having the very best nightclub business plan is an integral part of making sure that your new nightclub is a success. It is actually among the initial duties you need to do just before you start off preparing anything else. Nightclubs can be quite profitable. Having said that, like restaurants, tons of them go down each and every day due to whether incomplete nightclub business plans or no strategy whatsoever.

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