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How to Properly Manage Small Business Vendors

Managing Vendor Relationships is comparative to when Dave managed Alvin and the Chipmunks. I have come to see that management is hard. Running a recruitment agency, albeit fun, takes a lot of work, a lot of managing, and a lot of leadership.

Getting Into The HVACR Business Part 1

I get inquiries on a regular basis from people who are interested in “getting into the business” as they say, and they’re looking for training on how to perform the electrical troubleshooting and refrigeration system servicing tasks required of a technician who services air conditioning equipment. Their profile, pretty much exclusively male, varies somewhat when it comes to background, and experience, and age. “I’ve been an electrician (or carpenter, or plumber, or another trade of choice) for years, and I’ve been thinking about getting into the A/C business”, is one profile, while there are others who are younger,currently in fast food, retail, truck driving, or something else totally unrelated to a trade or craft. Regardless of their age and background, they are usually calliing because they’ve been doing an on-line search for something like “air conditioning training” or “air conditioning school”, or maybe even “air conditioning training videos” because they’ve already made the decision not to go to a trade school or community college for their training, but instead want to learn on their own at home.

Uncover The Real Secrets of the Importance of Marketing!

Are you a small business owner or looking to get your own enterprise off the ground? If you are, it will occur to you very quickly that the importance of marketing and advertising cannot be overemphasized.

Ben Franklin: Scientist, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Imagine trying to be a successful entrepreneur with no electricity, no computers and your sole source of heat coming from a fireplace in the winter. Not only where those the conditions that Ben Franklin had to deal with. But his inventions were also involved in changing many of those things so we don’t have to live like that today. Ben Franklin embodied the drive, commitment and focus that it took then, and takes today to be a successful entrepreneur.

5 Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Need Online Writing Workshops

No matter how long entrepreneurs have been writing in support of their business, they, as writers – whether creatively, out of love for the process, or to communicate offers – want, want, want marketing and sales offers to get responses. But what if offers aren’t getting the results a small business needs? It may be time to consider a virtual writing workshop or retreat.

Fearing Forward

How often do you feel that constriction in your chest that is trying to tell you you can’t? Yes, these days are times uncertain. Yes, there will be many obstacles. Yes, it is frightening. Still, we can succeed with the right frame of mind. What makes that possible?

Trying to Win on a Low Price Is Always a Losing Proposition for Small Consumer Product Marketers

Being small actually offers the advantage of nimbleness. Large enterprises do not move fast. No matter how successful, when bureaucracies grow they become sclerotic. Use agility, quickness and energy to your advantage. “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, as Muhammad Ali so famously chirped when describing his boxing style. Do not allow large Companies production scale and low pricing to dictate your margins. It is suicidal to attempt to compete on their field of play.

Making Money On The Web – Learn How To Make Money On The Internet

Do you want to make money on the web? If you have a company, interest or hobby then you’ve got what it takes to earn money on the web.

3 Additional Rules the Young Entrepreneur Should Adhere To

Since entrepreneurship is a somewhat of an intangible word with many varying definitions, it is hard to pinpoint what facets of small business are more important than others. However, below are three additional considerations for any level of entrepreneur either small business or corporate…

Getting Into The HVACR Business Part 3

Picking up where I left off in Part Two: If you’re thinking of getting into business for yourself in the HVACR field, are you going to be a licensed contractor, or do you plan to operate as un-licensed as far as your state’s contractor registration agency is concerned? If you plan to be licensed, there are certain requirements you have to meet. One, is to accomplish the specific exam required in your state.

Getting Into The HVACR Business Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I mentioned briefly that some states require technician licensing and others do not. That, as I said was technician licensing, meaning a technician who is employed by an HVAC contractor, not to be confused with being a licensed contractor. The specific requirements, rules and regulations, in the same way that they vary from one state to another in regard to technician licensing, can be different in one state than they are in another.

Why Entrepreneurship Isn’t Easy

Starting a business isn’t easy, but sticking to it when things go wrong is really difficult. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart. It takes tenacity, a great plan, solid execution and a good product. if you’re wondering, those requirements are in order. Tenacity, a good plan and great execution trump a good product almost any day of the week.

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