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Serviced Instant Offices: Why Are They Good for Business?

Instant offices have become popular options for both businessman and investors worldwide. They help enterprises to start business without any hassle, save operational costs and time, and continue to focus on their core areas while functioning from a prime location. In countries, such as South Africa, the 94 percent occupancy in serviced offices showcases the popularity of these new-age business office solutions.

Starting and Managing a Small Business

This is an article on how to start and manage a small business. In 1976 I took $500 out of my savings, opened a business bank account and decided that I was going to start a health food wholesaling company. Twenty-eight years later I sold the company to my main supplier for a generous amount of money.

7 Days Action Plan to Start Your Own Business

This 7 days action plan to start your own business can turn your vision into reality quickly and efficiently. DAY 1 Analyze your Technical Skills – Try to evaluate the skills which you have learned or developed. This can be a key entry towards the more realistic approach of what exactly you like and enjoy working.

Redundancy – Why Are Female Entrepreneurs Over The Age Of 40 So Well-Placed To Prosper?

Redundancy worldwide may not have changed all that much since numbers are still rising instead of falling, but why are female entrepreneurs over the age of 40 so well-placed to prosper? NatWest Bank have published some interesting research, so read on to find out what’s new in the redundancy realm today.

I Can’t Write! I Don’t Know What to Say!

Have you ever heard those words in regards to blogging for your own online business venture? I think that sentence is the most commonly abused sentence in the English language today when it comes to writing and composing your own blogs and/or articles.

The Business Mantra of Roger James Hamilton

If you want to be a millionaire, you should definitely learn about the Wealth Spectrum prism created by Roger James Hamilton. Roger is a versatile person, known for his great impressions as a social entrepreneur, a speaker and an author.

Realistic Ways to Supplement Your Income

As this recession intensifies, more Americans are looking for ways to supplement their incomes. This article looks at “realistic” ways to make extra money.

Two Views Of America’s Future

Believe it or not, I never cared much for politics. It always seemed like the political machinations of running the country were happening someplace far away, that people who cared deeply about such things were “on it,” and that there wasn’t much a single person could do to change things, anyway. Besides, I was generally too busy raising kids, running a business, or leading a team to give politics much time or thought….

Creating Innovations in Fast Emerging Markets – Where Do We Go From Here?

Guided with an improving economy that is expeditiously moving, it is the most desirable time to think about making fast decisions and regain your business. It is time to rethink and carry on with the flow of the speedy recovery. As an entrepreneur, it is up to anyone to position himself in order to survive the rapid advances of technology and make things happen, but with proper timing and the right balance, anyone destined to succeed. Hastily enough, it is extremely beneficial to make those decisions quickly, as fast as possible for such action is one of the most essential elements in the fulfillment of your mission. It is the right time to implement your business strategy effectively and become successful with money. Yes, swift success is inevitable only when those decisions are primarily focused to defend, serve and satisfy the needs of your customers. Moreover, it is also beneficial to the consumer’s mind when the same person becomes an ally to them. This is the greatest secret of business success.

Sorting Through Business Documents: A Guide for New Entrepreneurs

You have so many business documents, you’re drowning under all of the paperwork. Let’s take a look at a quick and easy solution to your disorganization problems by learning about some of the corporate paperwork and business documents you’ll have, as well as how to keep your business documents in order and ready for retrieval at any time.

Your Independence Day

With all the hardship that people have been feeling these past couple of years, the market is craving some new blood with a good attitude. Now is the best time to declare your independence from the shackles of being an employee. You will succeed and win the good fight.

3 Types of Days for Business and Life Success

As I sit here and work on projects, today, it dawned on me that I should share with all of you entrepreneurs what today is for me: It’s a “Work on the Business” day. And, although some people may have OTHER suggestions on how to work when you have your own business, here are my suggestions for how to make the most out of your business so it thrives AND you have a life.

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