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Steps to Starting Your Own Mobile Food Stand Business

Starting a business is difficult. Starting a mobile food stand is even more difficult. Be sure to learn the proper steps to take on your way to success!

Here’s Why Focus Is the Secret to Business Success

You cannot be all things to all people. You cannot offer all products to all people. You have to focus on your strength and passion and put systems in place to deal with the areas of weakness in your business.

5 Ways to Grow Your Side Business While Commuting to Work

Before I quit my 9-to-5 job six years ago, I would dread my daily 45-minute commute to and from work. I would get frustrated thinking about all the stuff that I could be doing for my business instead of sitting in stopped dead traffic. What I didn’t realize at the time was that your morning and evening commutes can be an EXTREMELY valuable time to help you grow your own business and escape the job world forever.

Pros and Cons of Starting Your Own Business

It’s exciting to become an entrepreneur and to build your own business. However, a realistic take on what the pros and cons are for starting your own business is important. This article goes through the typical pros and cons each entrepreneur will face during the building process.

Graphic Design – What Does It Cost?

If you thought you couldn’t afford a professional graphic designer, think again. This article discusses the availability and cost effectiveness of freelance graphic designers and where to find them.

The Only Thing You Need to Know to Make a Professional Website

This article discusses the benefits and accessibility of using professional website builders for small business. There are many great website templates available today but for the serious entrepreneur, free templates can be too limiting. Hiring a freelance professional means you spend time developing your business, the thing you know best, rather than developing your website.

Save Time By Delegating

Picture the scene. It’s 10am on a Monday morning, your to-do list already has 12 jobs on it and it’s growing with every phone call and email. What can you do?

It’s Ok to Procrastinate

Growing a business is an exciting adventure. Prudence however teaches us to take the steps in turn as we progress on the journey to building our business. Some steps are urgent and should be taken as such while the others that are not should be deferred till they are appropriate. This piece helps to categorize the steps, or I should say prioritize them.

Let Entrepreneurial Disruptive Industry Predators Feast On Invasive Species Populations

Entrepreneurs sure get a lot of flak from left-leaning folks about how they will do anything for money. But this misses the point completely because entrepreneurs only produce things they can sell, thus only things people want and only at a price point they will buy. We should thus, do more enlistment of entrepreneurs to solve the world’s problems. Yes, I think you agree so, let’s talk shall we?

Company Documents – What Do We Need

Lawyers discuss the details and inform the persons who intend to establish a new company what documents have to be prepared. Nowadays companies can be registered also online using the website of company registration agents. When the registration is to be carried out in paper form, for a limited company, the following company documents have to be prepared.

Hire An Event Management Team And Bring Creativity Into It

Event management is all about how the company or the person, who is responsible for it, is going to pull it off in more organized and planned way without going hay wire with its concept. Proper execution of the plan is the main thing here. Irrespective of the fact whether the event is related with the new products or road shows or small private family dos, the main issues is how and who will make it a success.

The Sweet Taste of Success

I have a successful business, and if you’re reading this then perhaps you do too, or at least you’d like to start one. In an age where nearly 90% of all business start ups fail, launching a new idea and becoming successful at it is truly the American dream. Though be not misled. On the road to success, I experienced many a setback. In fact, it was a physical setback that provided the inspiration for me to start the business in the first place.

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