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How to Make Great Things Happen

Are you an inventor? A pusher of great ideas? Do want to create the new best thing? If so, you’ll need to grasp these three groundbreaking secrets. Toss your old way of thinking, and let’s get started.

How to Amaze Your People

Are you a leader or a follower? Both have redeeming qualities and require great strength. If you’re starting a new company, a new division, a new idea (or a new anything), you’ll want to scour this article first: it’s your yellow-brick road.

How Being A Mompreneur Could Be Your Lifeboat In An Economic Crisis

Did you know that being a mompreneur can give your family the financial wiggle room to weather the inevitable economic storm? Here’s how having your own business can be your lifeboat.

Are You A Struggling Baby Boomer

If you are fifty or more and have been laid off or forced into early retirement and find yourself short of cash and need of a new job or career, I can help you. There are millions of people around the world through no fault of their own who have ended up on the wrong side of the stick. Since 2008 the economy of the world has drastically changed, many of us lost most of if not all our retirement income, our jobs and even our homes, not to mention our self esteem.

How to Avoid Letting Squirrels Eat Your Profits

This time of the year, we have the holidays, pulling our focus away from work… as it should be. But year-round innumerable distractions come into our inboxes every day. There are interesting requests and even trainings that may capture our attention, but won’t further the ultimate goals of our business. We may get caught up in dramas playing out in social media, or spend hours acquiring the latest and greatest piece of technology that we don’t actually need.

8 Traits of Ultra Successful People

Here are 8 traits of ultra successful people. What they are doing and what you can copy to achieve their level of success.

Are You Running a Business or a Hobby?

Why are people worried about the work involved with running a business? Part of that concern is because running a business is a different skill set than what do you for your business. Running a business is about accounting, knowing the laws, taxes, writing business plans, securing funding, marketing, advertising, and selling, while your actual business (hopefully) is doing what you love, such as arranging flowers or installing roofs, or cutting hair.

Why Computer Technicians Should Consider Starting Their Own Home Computer Repair Business

Virtually all of us understand that we will never make as much money working for somebody else, as we could if we worked for ourselves. That is why, if you are already are an experienced computer technician, you should think about starting your very own computer repair business. Some people might believe that it costs a great deal of money to start a computer repair business.

Build a Boutique Ad Agency In Your Spare Room: Here’s How

Many small businesses in your town rely on boutique ad agencies – small, “spare room” businesses with lots of marketing services and low overhead. (You’re office is over the garage. Rent = $0.) Here’s a list of tips to start a home-based business that frees up your creativity and that business ambition.

Building Your Business From the Inside Out! A Shift in Consciousness

At times an entrepreneur or business owner will go through a business slow down that causes some stress. Although it may be uncomfortable, changing your perception and viewing the change as an opportunity can make things shift in a remarkable way.

Change Is Not a One Night Stand! Transformation Takes Time and Attention

I am noticing a pattern or theme that keeps coming up for many of my clients lately. They express their strong desire for change (whether it be to grow their business or improve or change something in their life or career), but that they don’t “have the time” to devote to the change process.

Starting a Home Biz Today and Making Over $25 Per Hour – No? I Say Yes, and I Will Show You How!

Wanted to always have that small, successful home business with little to no cost up? Well, there are numerous options out there to do just that. Read on,and I will show one darn good one.

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