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10 Things You Must Do Before You Quit Your Job

When I submitted my resignation letter after working at Microsoft for 11 years, all my colleagues and friends were so curious to know how I DID it. (I wasn’t yet a success at that time, but making that jump is the first step.) Many of them had been thinking of having their own business someday, but they didn’t know where to start, and more than anything else, how to work up the courage.

Five Good Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business in a Recession

Why should you consider starting a business in a recession? In an economy such as we are experiencing now, it is very difficult to decide what to believe. One minute we are told that there is no money to go around, then we are told that the economy is recovering.

Business Coaching Certification – Finding the Right One for You

If you are looking for the best business coaching certification you have come to the right place. We will walk you through the steps that are essential to finding the best certification process.

Is Fear Controlling Your Business?

Fear does not just affect your personal life but also your business life. Operating due to the fear factor will do nothing but land you at a dead end. Re-inventing and re-packaging our product opens new possibilities for ourselves and our business. The thought of this kind of change can strike fear in some. Instead of fearing change, we should take it on because the profits are bound to be greater than if we stick with the basics. Let fear affect your life positively…

Why Small Traders Should Look To Containerised Storage

If you are a small trader such as a shopkeeper or even someone who just enjoys doing car boot sales or Sunday markets then you will know how tricky it can be to make sure that your stock is securely stored and well looked after. In fact, after selling the stuff, looking after your valuable stock is one of the biggest headaches faced by any small business. It can also be a very expensive business, especially if the items are fragile, bulky or need special care and protection such as books which are susceptible to damp.

Businesses Are Getting Crushed in This New Economy

Many huge learning curves come to many mainstream, traditional brick and mortar businesses during the commotion and bedlam caused by hard-hitting bankers cutting business’ overdraft facilities. One such business I know of went from $810000 to $300000 and this had to be reached within a strict six months, as the bank played big time hardball tearing the financial rug from under the business owner’s feet because the banks change their lending conditions. This unfortunately is common place and normal banking practice…

Entrepreneur Success – 3 Things the Leaders Do

There are a lot of people out there with an M.B.A. (Masters in Business), but only a fraction of them are successful business owners and entrepreneurs. What is the difference between those that are writing their own (large) paychecks and the rest who take orders from their boss while their expensive degree is hanging in their cubicle? Learn 3 Crucial Keys to Success.

How to Take Massive Action

This week I have been taking massive action and I am excited about the new direction of my business. Stay tuned for lots of new things coming up! Today I am sharing with you how you can do just the same.

Using Brute Force to Defeat Your Fear of Sales

Whenever I am doing any kind of business consulting for new entrepreneurs, there is always one thing that they dread and it’s the one thing that is going to help there business to grow – sales. While it may seem like a no brainer, many new business owners focus on the wrong things because they fear having to talk to actual people and ask for their money in return for services. Fear of selling happens because of a number of reasons.

Small Companies Win Big

With smaller companies beginning to set the example for the business world, we can expect to see larger corporations begin to adapt themselves and take on some of these qualities. Achieving a better understanding of who you are working with and what you stand for is possibly the key to your success in this growing business world.

Inspire People To Do Business With You

As your business grows, you will discover that it is not just your product or service that your audience seeks, it is what your brand stands for. In our hyper-connected world, they can truly garner products just about any where in a matter of moments. It’s you, and the special sauce or what makes you unique, that highlights and promotes your offerings. Reflect your originality and effectiveness in the industry and inspire your clientele into wanting to do business with you.

Can Your Problem Inspire You to Create A Terrific Business?

Many people become entrepreneurs because they had an inborn passion or skill that they want to share with others. For other people, their passion was created by something that caused a big problem, or havoc in their lives. If you are not living and working doing something that you love, you are wasting your precious time.

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