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Doubt: The Silent Killer of Hope

There are countless articles and books about how business owners, and people in general, need self-confidence to succeed. But there seems to be little information on self-confidence’s evil twin, doubt. The scary thing about doubt is that is it uses stealth tactics to sneak up on you when you are most vulnerable. It hides like a ghost in the night, waiting to haunt your dreams and break your spirit. Doubt starts out small; you question a small decision you made, or quietly wonder if you really have what it takes. The seed has been planted. Doubt is now growing inside of you and, before you know it, a full grown rebellion is born within you, threatening to mock, ridicule, and extinguish everything that you believe in.

The Entrepreneur Bible: Saving, The Key to Investment

Entrepreneurs have forever been convinced that burrowing is the key to being a successful entrepreneur. This is a serious mistake. I have a different idea. I want to look at the concept of saving to invest.

12 Steps to Unleash You and Your Company’s Potential in Today’s Dynamic Marketplace

So you, entrepreneur, have big dreams and are looking forward to building your enterprise into one that is a household name. Can it happen? Perhaps.

The Future Of Profits In Vending!

What does the future hold for vending machines? Rapid technological advancement and unique perspectives may create interesting future equipment for the next generation of consumers. See what this future might hold for you…

Women-Owned Cleaning Businesses: The Finest in the Industry

Starting a business is a challenging endeavor. Learn how three companies set themselves apart from the competition to manage successful and profitable cleaning businesses.

Baby Boomer Family Business Help

Many Family Businesses are owned and run by baby boomers. As such, they are reaching a point where they need to start thinking about retiring and passing the business on. Here is some good advice on how to successfully manage this situation.

Family Business Mentoring

Family Businesses struggle to reach the next generation. Many times it is because they are unprepared. Mentoring is a proven effective method to get the next generation up to speed in the family business. Here are some ways to go about developing a good family business mentoring program.

How to Lead a Small Business Successfully

Setting up a business can be easy for many people, but maintaining it and running it successfully is where all the challenge lies. You can make use of internet and other resources for the improvement of your business.

Choosing the Right SaaS Business Model

After the initial formation of a new SaaS design, entrepreneurs arrive at the difficult decision of choosing the proper business model for their service. They have already built a solid core, raised capital and have a solid system in place to make this engine run.

The Success Of a Cleaning Business

Although there are many different types of businesses that can be started in your local area, a cleaning business typically gives you more of an opportunity to be successful. After all, many companies and families hire out the cleaning to outside resources, as they do not have the time or the desire to take care of it on their own.

Million Dollar Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen

Everyone wants to come up with a million dollar idea. There’s a chance you have already come up with a million dollar idea without even realizing it. Think about some of the products you see for sale on television for a moment, and you’ll quickly realize that it didn’t take a genius to create most of them.

Starting Your Own Recycling and Junk Removal Business Is Easy Part 1

In this series of articles I am going to show you how to Start Your Own Recycling Business. Whether part time or full time this series of articles will give you a leg up in starting and running a business that is recession and depression proof. It takes very little to start this business and almost any one can do it regardless of experience. Part 1.

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