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So, You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

Many of us want to be entrepreneurs. We have that spirit. Here is a little push in that direction.

Transforming the Energy of Resentment: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know for Success

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, and so it is with the energy of our feelings. That energy radiates from us, from you, unconsciously. As an entrepreneur, we cannot afford to repel people, you cannot afford to push people away with your energy. I invite you to perform the four stages I outline in this article, as a means of exploring your anger and resentment, and as a result, you can find release from them and the negative energy you may be putting forth. Once you work through the stages, you begin to see that people are attracted and drawn to you. At this point, you have transformed the energy of your feelings and you see more success in your business.

How To Start This Year Ten Steps Ahead In Your Business

Set yourself up for business success in the new year by looking back at what went well and what didn’t last year. Then look ahead at what you want to change in the new year, your goals and plans to achieve them.

Become an Entrepreneur – Positive Ways

If you have a start-up and raring to embark on an Entrepreneurial journey, with stars in your eyes and rosy picture, it’s time to tell you that your Entrepreneurial sojourn will be much more fulfilling and exciting if you could possibly indulge in a few ‘Giving up’ acts which, undoubtedly will impart a robust health to your Enterprise and make you happy. Some of the ‘Giving up’ you should focus on are:

Zeroing in on Trendy Topics for Next Year

When you’ve chosen a niche for your business, you have to know what’s new in the field that you’re in. It’s important that you stay on top of all of the cutting edge information. If you don’t, then the details that you have will be out of date and your audience will consider your content useless. They’ll move on and spend their time and money with your competition.

Skills to Learn for 2016 Success

Being an entrepreneur is something that a lot of people dream of becoming. It’s a great dream to have and there are so many avenues open to the person who’s willing to put in the effort to make the business succeed. Part of succeeding means being honest about areas that you feel you lack in, such as advertising, writing, social media, etc. To be good at what you do means that you have to engage in continuing education.

Mastering Your Mindset for 2016

You want success, but you’re not sure what the key is to getting there. It’s actually quite simple. It’s your mindset. Your mindset is the attitude that you have toward something. And your mindset is the deciding factor in whether or not you’ll actually achieve the success that you’re looking for. You can have a negative or a positive mindset.

Analyze Your Previous Efforts As an Entrepreneur

When you become an entrepreneur, you have a strong desire to succeed. If the desire to succeed was all that was needed, then the world be filled with nothing but success stories. But desire alone won’t keep you from failing and you may have experienced countless failures on your entrepreneurial journey. What you need to do is to take a step back and look at what you’ve been doing that hasn’t worked for you.

4 Simple Ideas for Year End Planning the Easy Way

A lot of small business owners fail to completely review one year before they enter into a new one and therefore do not learn from their mistakes or missteps. Taking time to accurately analyze and assess what worked and what didn’t will be a great way to help you end any year on a high note and create momentum for the upcoming year.

Starting Your Own Car Hire Company? What You Need to Know

If you have been thinking of starting your own car hire company because you have seen a demand for certain services, then there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration. Car hire varies from daily car hire for business and leisure travelers to limousine hire services, then there is also chauffeur services. Deciding on the car hire service you want to offer should be based on numerous factors and the demand in your local area.

Dhirubhai Ambani and Ratan Tata, the Two Indians Who Changed the Nation

Isn’t it a wonderful coincidence that India celebrates birthday and birth anniversary of two stalwart entrepreneurs who inspired millions of people? Yes, 28th December is the special day when Mr Ratan Tata and Mr Dhirubhai Ambani, born. Both lived their life in different ways but demonstrated the excellence of leadership qualities.

How to Finally Get Over Your Fear of Failure

Many people study, study, study, and study and maybe blindly try something once or twice, but they never stop to see if it’s a success or failure. Then they go back to studying. They’ll go from 2 to 5 years studying, but never adding any practical business experience.

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