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Alliances of One

Companies are changing as the world evolves. The current downturn, or whatever you want to call it, has altered the employment of millions of people. To remain nimble, and to keep fixed costs low, companies of all sizes are employing contractors for projects. In turn, contractors are creating companies of one. Then to be successful, they create alliances of one.

Turn Your Blog Posts Into an eBook

Do you have a lot of blog posts? Why waste them! Turn them into an e-book you can sell.

5 Common Mistakes Newbie Entrepreneurs Make

You’ve found your passion, your purpose or calling and you just can’t wait to get started. So you order your business cards, buy a domain name, book a website guy, and start shuffling money into a new business bank account. It’s all just ‘wonderful’ as you tell your friends about your great new ‘thing’. Sound familiar?

Words Used to Present Your Business Proposition Must Be Carefully Chosen

Often, owing to distance, or time constraints, or purposefully placed professional barriers, the two or more parties participating in business collaborations do not physically meet, at least initially. Words used in e-mails, phone calls, Business Plans or correspondence are all that each party has to take the measure of each other. Choose words carefully. They can make, or break, your opportunity.

Consumer Product Marketing Success Depends More on Being First and Executing Than Simply Being First

We see many entrepreneurs confuse the importance of being first (and it is important) with the more crucial goal of being first and executing on strategy. One without the other is like a beautiful sports car without access to fuel. Neither goes very far.

A Better Elevator Speech: Answer the Networking Question What Do You Do in a Way That Gets Results

What do you do? The universal networking question we all get asked over and over. Yet many times people do not have a clear, confident response. Sometimes they are just uncomfortable and trip over what they say. Other times they answer with a job title or the name of the company where they work. If you want to make a good impression, have an impact and form a connection with the person you are speaking with, this article provides a framework for a response that is guaranteed to get you better results when you respond to the question – What do you do? 

Are You On Track With Your Plans?

The crowds at the gyms have thinned out; the weight loss groups have lost some members, the plans and intentions, so carefully crafted and written at the beginning of the year are now under a pile of unfinished projects on your desk. I’m sorry to have to bring this up, but I just wanted to ask, “How are you doing on your business plans for the year?” A plan is only as good as…

3 Reasons To Start A Lawn Care Business

The modern times we live in can be uncertain for many people. With so many losing their jobs, and losing their money, feeling hopeless can be the cornerstone of daily living.

Become Your Own Teacher

Learning is about understanding a concept well enough to apply it to your own life.. Learning is about growth. It’s about deepening our understanding, owning what we learn and using it to make our lives more meaningful. We are our own teachers. We choose the curriculum that takes us where we want to go.

6 Useful Tips For Reducing Work Stress

Generally we spend 8 to 9 hours a day in office. Meeting deadlines and handling office politics can be stressful at times. Read this article to get practical tips on how CEOs can reduce employee work stress and make office environment more positive, motivating and friendly.

Entrepreneur’s Mindset

When you develop the mindset of a home business owner, you start to think differently and understand that you’re the one responsible for you own success or failure. It is something that people say but most aren’t raised to think of things this way. When you work for someone else, the tendency is to put your fate in their hands. This article will offer some advice on how you can achieve the best mindset to succeed with y

When in Doubt

“Is it possible to beat this giant we know so well as DOUBT?” one of my clients asked me this week. The question is a really good one, and a rather overwhelming one to try and answer.

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