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Do You Really Know Your Business?

In a documentary on Sean Connery, I remember seeing a short scene that showed him spreading the pages of the script across a lectern that was four or five feet wide. It let me see how he learned his lines. I asked a former actor, who’s also a friend of mine, how he remembered all those words. He said that he got to really know them. And that got me thinking: How well do entrepreneurs know their businesses? How well do you know yours?

Why Entrepreneurs Never Retire

According to The Economist, nearly three-quarters of a million new enterprises are created every year in the United States alone. Add to that the fact that nearly two-thirds of Baby-Boomers in that country don’t plan to retire any time soon, if at all, and you can see straightaway that these businesses will continue to form the backbone of this economy. Granted, some of these people are being forced to work longer than they had hoped because The Great Recession decimated their savings; but on the whole, those who will keep on working will do so because that’s what they want to do. Does that surprise you?

Starting a Business: The Magic of Thinking Reasonably Big

Fifty years ago, David Schwartz, a professor at Georgia State University wrote the classic book, The Magic of Thinking Big. In it, he said that the extent of your success was limited only by the size of your thoughts. Big thoughts yielded big results. But, I’ve always had a problem with this.

5 Ways to Stop Being an Armchair Entrepreneur

Agatha Christie, the most successful author who ever lived, apart from Shakespeare, once said that a writer is someone who writes whether he or she feels like it or not. In other words, it’s someone who recognizes what needs to be done, and even if he or she doesn’t have a clear picture of how to do it, starts doing it anyway. What happens?

Build Your Business Around Solving Engaging Problems

Entrepreneurial focus is immeasurably helped by finding engaging problems – ones to which you and others are irresistibly drawn. Many people make a mistake by instead picking problems to solve that are of interest only because of the potential financial gain that might result from solutions. Others make a different mistake: picking problems that bore them. Make either mistake and you’ll find yourself losing interest, not paying enough attention, and becoming complacent. You’ll soon be doing the minimum to get by rather than driving forward to create the best… and then outdoing yourself. It’s the latter approach that creates the healthiest enterprises.

Starting a Job Agency

Starting a job agency, while making the most of existing business opportunities and/or ideas for startups, is a profound question. Owners of job agencies typically include some of the decidedly well guided individuals who are filled with aspiration and are personified with sufficient self confidence to make spontaneous decisions regarding matters concerned with employment and placement of human resources. Should this sound a bit more like you, good part is you need not be particularly born for this unique role.

Wanted: Everyday Visionaries

It was vision that prompted Jefferson to purchase the Louisiana Territory. It was vision that gave us the telephone, wireless communication, and the ice cream cone.

How Entrepreneurs Can Use Cash Flow Projections

For all but those who are accountants, creating financial statements may be about as exciting for entrepreneurs as watching paint dry. If the business is going well, then they’d rather be making for sales; but if the business is not doing so well, then the harsh truth about a shrinking bank balance may not be very encouraging either. How can entrepreneurs use their cash flow projections to gain a healthy perspective on their businesses without feeling defeated by what they say?

Where Should Entrepreneurs Start Their Businesses: 7 Criteria

Here’s your situation: You already know what you want your business to be. You know what you want to sell, how to create it, how to market and sell, and how to deliver it. But, what you don’t know is where to set up shop. With the world at your feet, how do you decide?

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From Free Advice

One of the most challenging things about being an entrepreneur is getting the advice you need to move forward. The Internet is full of suggestions, but unless you already know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, you have about as much chance of finding what you need as what will lead you astray. But, that’s no reason to be disheartened, because with a little creative thinking, you can get some of what you need for free.

Do You Have Any Business Being in Business?

Has anyone ever said this to you? “You have no business doing (whatever it is)?” What is meant by that question? It is actually an English idiom, and it means that whatever you are about to do is very unwise. Have you ever wondered if this was true of you? Have you ever thought that perhaps you had no business being in business?

How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid the Illusion of a Busy Office

Let me ask you something. From where you’re sitting, on what basis do you determine whether a business person is an expert? Is it just from what that person says? Is it from the articles that person writes, on Ezines for example? Or is it from how busy his or her office seems to be?

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