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The Pros and Cons Of Doing Business Entirely Online

Are you thinking about starting an online business? Perhaps, only having an online presence? Here is a list of things to consider before you start.

Quality Business Liability Insurance

Quality business insurance is something that companies today simply can’t manage without. There are lots of potential small company problems that can happen daily and because the man/woman that owns and operates your company, you need to be covered of these potential problems. We hope you realize it’s great having a lot of business insurance companies out there that know what you’re dealing with and can help.

Are You Getting Your Prospects Ready?

When it comes to talking to any prospective client, whether you’re in line for a one-off project or ongoing work, it pays to be as thorough as possible in finding out everything you need to know, do, or have to play the game right. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when priming your prospects.

5 Simple Steps to Working Smarter Rather Than Harder in Your Business

In our business lives, we hear the saying all the time… “Work smarter, not harder”, but how many of us actually do it, or for that matter, know what working smarter actually means. I am the first to admit it is not easy, but here are some tips that you might find helpful.

Advice for Entrepreneurial Success

Over the years many people have asked me, “Can you give me the 3 (or other small number) key factors to be successful as an Entrepreneur?” Well, for me, there are many, many more reasons. My mind can’t boil it down to just a few. So, I put together 50 answers to this question in no order of priority.

Sustainable Businesses Online – How To Live The Good Life

Do you live the good life? How often do you catch yourself saying “someday” I’ll start my own business or “one day” I’ll become an entrepreneur, writing my own pay cheque? You do not have to wait until retirement age at 60 or 70 years to live the good life. Consider using your best years, your youth, to create a life by design in sustainable businesses online…

Living A Life On Your Terms Takes Effort (And Courage)

Living like you mean it takes effort. Not to mention, courage. Sometimes the road to success is a long and winding loop back to the place you started. Follow your dreams and passions, and you’ll find happiness.

How a Cleaning Company Can Help You Achieve LEED Certification Points Towards Accreditation

I would suggest using a larger cleaning firm as they will have greater access and purchasing power with the green cleaning supply distributors. These products are not so cheap, so larger purchasing power will help. Furthermore, many green cleaning products do not work that well, so you must have someone with a proven track record. Make sure to always request MSDS sheets and product use and effectiveness.

How To Start An Errand Service Business In Five Simple Steps

Nowadays we do have to be creative in earning an extra income for our household. Literally we must use our talents and our resources wisely to establish a venture without the need of shedding too much on capital. With the ongoing Recession, this may seem hard to achieve. But this is not impossible. Learn how to start an errand service business today and gain a business in five special requirements.

How To Start A Home Decorating Business With Very Little Cash

Learning how to start a home decorating business with very little cash means having to be a little more creative about how to attract customers. The good news is that many people do not have the time to do their own decorating, so your services could be in demand. The main focus really should be on the things you have going for you, which hopefully are a positive attitude and a sense of professional pride.

How To Start An Image Consultant Business

There are tons of fashion victims in the world. They need your help to change their image. They need your expertise to attain the respect they have been yearning to gain success. It is about time you learn how to start an image consultant business to get them back on track. However you do have to assess yourself well before starting it. Obviously, as an authority to this field, there is a lot of expectation to fill. Be sure that you can keep up with the challenge to maintain your image and your clients.

What Inertia Can Teach You About Sustainable Profit

You can’t make your business profit more sustainable overnight. It takes time and planning to get it right. But if you’re thinking of selling your company at some point in the future, then building up a sustainable profit should be a key part of your exit strategy.

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