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Why You Should Start a Frozen Yogurt Business

Opening your own small business, is an exciting, rewarding and challenging decision. A frozen yogurt shop is an excellent choice for today’s entrepreneur. American’s love frozen yogurt and frozen desserts and a frozen yogurt business has the potential to be a very lucrative venture.

Want to Be an Entrepreneur But Struggling With Where to Start?

You read the articles and see women, just like you, happy and successful in their business and you wonder to yourself, “how did she do it?” You are willing to take the journey, you just don’t have a map.

Tee Off: Golf Principles for Entrepreneurs

As small-business owners, solo-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, we can lose sight of our target. If you play golf or watch golf on television, you can learn a few lessons to apply in your business practice that will position you to hit your target.

Do Your Prospects Know What You Are Selling?

When people find out that you have your own business, what is the first question that ask you? It’s usually, “What do you sell?” And then you have about 10 or 15 seconds to tell them. What should you say?

When Should Entrepreneurs Hire New Talent?

Let’s face it. Entrepreneurs never have enough time in their days to do all that they would like to do. This is especially true of start-ups. First you’re pulled one way, and then another. You put an almighty effort into getting one thing going, only to find that you’ve neglected something else that’s just important. What can you do?

You’re an Entrepreneur, Not a Lemming!

One of the more popular computer games some years back offered you the opportunity to build stairs and bridges for increasingly large numbers of animated lemmings who apparently were incapable of doing anything other than putting one foot in front of the other. And if you failed to provide the necessary stairs and/or bridges in time, then they would all fall into the abyss, and you’d lose the game. Have you ever felt a bit like a lemming in your business?

SBA Loan Workout: Should Retirement Savings Be Listed On Your PFS?

I recently had a debate with a client about the composition of his personal financial statement. While I understand where he was coming from, my client was essentially trying to rationalize intentionally omitting material information about his personal financial situation. Since it’s my job to help borrowers do it the right away, I had to set him straight. It went something like this:

Should I Charge Based on Industry Market Rates?

A business owner recently asked “What role does industry market rates play in deciding how to charge for what you do?” It’s a very interesting question.

Creating a Frozen Yogurt Business Plan

One way to ensure the success of your frozen yogurt business is to is to use a yogurt shop template to create a plan to help you get your new endeavor off to a great start. What is Included in a Frozen Yogurt Business Plan? A business plan is a formal statement that describes the goals of your business and helps you to outline a plan to achieve those goals.

Things to Know Before Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop

If you are considering starting your own frozen yogurt business, there are a few key things that you should know. In today’s uncertain economy, starting your own small business may seem like a bit risky. Research and a strong frozen yogurt business plan can help to ensure the success of your new venture.

Is Finding the Right Niche That Important? Yes and No

How many businesses have you started over the years? Chances are the if you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do in business, that this is not the first one you tried. In fact, if the experiences of others are anything to go by, this could be your 10th or 20th enterprise. That rather begs the question: Is finding the right niche on the first attempt all that important?

How to Start a Business As a Personal Trainer

Anyone can become a personal trainer; but the operative word is “become.” Your appearance is your calling card. It’s your way of saying, “I can make you look like me.” And if people admire your physique, then some of them will pay you to help them look like you.

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