Are You Settling In Your Life? You Might Regret It


Born to Be an Entrepreneur

I am of the opinion, that you don’t just wake up one day and decide to become an entrepreneur. I think the thought was placed in you the day you were born.

Dream Big, Start Small

When starting a business, every entrepreneur dreams of the time the business will grow to be successful and bring in all the big bucks. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

How Cultural Arts Encourage The Economy

Batik is recognized as a national identity of Indonesia. Historically, the first time batik appeared was in the 17th century. Basically, there are at least three types of batik (for clothing) based on the process it is created.

What Sort of Business Are You in?

So you’re thinking of going into your own business… not working for somebody else seems like a great prospect. Not being told what do all the time and that all 9 to 5 thing is really getting you down. The whole rat race thing right!

Traits of an Entrepreneur Applied to Scientific Research

When it comes to science, leading a research group looks a lot like running a small business: you have a budget, employees, and competitors, you come up with a product, and you sell it. I apply the main traits of an entrepreneur to managing scientific research to see if these traits fit science as well as they do business.

Navigating the Startup Idea Maze

The idea formation stage of a startup business includes months researching and brainstorming the concept for your business. How many times have you heard, “Why don’t you do… ?” Each new idea occupies a lot of your precious time and brainpower. Over time, ideas with no sense of relevance, priority or timing accumulate in your brain to form a confusing morass. You are stuck with no clear direction and a business concept that is now so far too large and complex.

A Dream Deferred

A dream deferred is just that. It isn’t lost, it’s just waiting to be rediscovered. Don’t allow self-doubt and fear to paralyze your inner calling to launch your business idea. It’s so easy to put off your dream and allow the thought of wasted time to snatch away your real purpose.

Destiny Vs Destined to Fail In Business

Have you ever met anyone who no matter how many times they’ve screwed things up, still came out on top? Or, someone who doesn’t have a lot of business sense, but somehow manages to be super successful? Then, there are those who are born smart and have great ideas following them around.

How Brian Acton and Jan Koum Created the Most Popular Messaging App

We all have heard the cliche, “try and try again and ultimately you will get success.” However, seldom we really walk the talk. If you think the most powerful messaging platform on the Android platform today, the “Whatsapp” is the story of instant success; then you are totally mistaken.

The 3 BIG Mistakes Entrepreneurs & Nonprofits Make When Getting Sponsored

If you want to get sponsors for your business or nonprofit and avoid the sponsorship mistakes that stop most people dead in their tracks, read this immediately because the mistakes (and what to do instead) are listed in this 3 part blog series. Here are the first 3…

Importance of Acquiring Knowledge in Business

Why knowledge is important in a business? Knowledge is a resource referred to as knowledge capital or intellectual capital in a business. It is the essential element that allows businesses to operate in the market sector. The knowledge of the organization is within the human capital of the organisation.

Business Is Simple, Man Is Complicated!

Business is simple, so simple! However, when Man brings his complication into business operation and practice, failure becomes commonplace! There’s a misleading theory widespread in the secular world, the consequence of a theory established by so-called business experts deluded by satanic insight in the marketplace of the world.

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