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Developing a Carwash Chain in Southern China

In Southern China, it’s highly developed and industrialized, in many areas with strong demographics conducive to high potential business revenues space is limited and comes at a premium. No surprise there to any business student or anyone who understands supply and demand – basic economics. Not long ago, I was discussing the concept of setting up a chain of carwashes in Southern China. Is that a good idea?

Accomplishing Your 2014 Goals – Extraordinary Business

This write-up explains how using tactics from project managers can help you successfully accomplish your 2014 goals. One of the reasons that goals fail is that they don’t have a lot of substance to them.

Powwow to Get New Clients Fast

I suggest having a powwow (a powerful meeting of the minds) with the very person you need most… your ideal client. And not just any ideal client. You want to chat it up with the one that will buy your most profitable service or product package.

Frustrated by the Time It Takes for Prospects to Make a Decision?

Are You Frustrated by the Time it Takes for Prospects to Make a Decision? Here’s the thing. There are things you can do to push a decision…

3 Lessons UFC Teaches an Entrepreneur

Lessons Start-up entrepreneurs can learn what it takes to become truly successful. UFC/Mixed Martial Art fighters dedicate many hours today in preparation to win a single fight. Hardwork and dedication are only part of the formula for entrepreneurial success.

Life Lesson: Am I Talking to the Right Person?

One of the essential life lessons I have learned through experience is the importance of talking to the right person. If you are seeking information to correct a situation, looking for a job, trying to make a sale or attempting to solve an everyday problem it is critical that you speak to the right person!

Mobile Marketing Solutions for The Up-And-Coming Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur, there is no denying that the power of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets as a communication tool and mobile marketing solutions is growing by leaps and bounds each year as everyone seems to be buying smart devices these days… or not? Why not read to find out more…

Reasons for Trading In the Stock Market

There are many success stories of trading in the stock market, where traders have generated significant returns on their investments. Therefore, you do not have to be misled into believing that trading in stocks is a waste of time and money. Investing in stocks is recommended for people looking for an opportunity to build up a healthy financial future.

Just Say No To New Year’s Resolutions!

We love New Year’s Resolutions, making them, breaking them, and making fun of them (it’s the number one subject of the first Sunday comic section of the New Year). Anything but keeping them! Research suggests that about 45% of people in the United States make New Year’s resolutions and 75% of them keep them going through the first week of January (that would get you a C in school!) 46% make it six months, which is pretty impressive given that first week failure rate, but only 8% last the whole year. Not a very good showing. Entrepreneurs, like the rest of the population, are not immune from the New Year’s resolution.

We Should Not Try To Save Old Stodgy Manufacturing Sectors To Save Jobs

Is it government’s job to guarantee employment for the masses? I just don’t see how it is the duty of government, and I also believe we’ve been let down by all the promises our politicians have made in this regard during the last 6-years in the US. All the while those leaders making the promises from the Federal Reserve to the Obama Administration all nod in unison that this is their main focus.

Preparing a Business for Any Electrical Need

Mother Nature and overloading and outdated electrical systems can wreak havoc on a business. The electrical system is the heart that keeps a business flowing. If that system fails, then the business will be out of commission until the technicians can come out to fix the problem.

7 Powerful Affirmations to Become a Money Magnet

As an entrepreneur you are already someone who is willing to step outside of what’s comfortable by leaving the employee mentality and trading it in to become a business owner with a dream of taking control of your financial freedom. After hard work and long hours you may be thinking when do the days of financial freedom occur? For many of my clients it’s necessary for us to not just work on their business plan but also reprogram their money blueprint.Throughout our lives as early as our childhood we have had people influencing our programming. They program us with a scarcity mindset rather then encouraging the abundance of living a wealthy life.

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