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Lifestyle Tips for the Self-Employed

If you’ve been working on your own for any significant amount of time, you’ll know the lifestyle and motivation levels are far different from working for a company. There can be endless opportunities for the self-employed, and just about anyone can make it with a bit of discipline and hard work. However, having a self-employed lifestyle can be tough. It can be tough not only in a career sense, but also socially, physically, and mentally. Here are a few ways to stay balanced.

Why I Should Care About Passive Income

You can work hard all your life and have little to show for it, or you can create a passive income that will take care of you for life. A recurring income model will not only ensure a quality retirement, but it will also protect your family if something should happen to you. Generating a monthly residual income is worth no less then 20% more then a salary and it gets bigger the earlier you want to retire.

Circulation: What Makes the World Go Round

The wheel. The body’s blood system. The seasons of the year. They each represent circulation of energy. This circulation affects every aspect of our personal and business lives. Events from a few months ago reminded me again that the circulation of energy is often physically embodied in money.

How To Write An Operations Manual

Operations manuals are the foundation of the success of franchises and large corporations. Learn how to write your operations manual for your business.

How To Stay Focused On Business

Our modern lifestyle has made focusing on business difficult for a lot of individuals. We are expected to multitask, jump between projects at a whim, and internalize concepts from a variety of subjects and information sources.

Structure and Systems Are Critical To Business Growth

Structure and systems in your business will give you freedom, growth, performance and consistency. You will be able to start to build a high performance team within your business duplicating your efforts, increasing revenue, and allowing you to focus on business growth.

Keeping Good Company

Owning your business entails a wide variety of jobs, all of which we cannot handle on our own. So, we hire a team to help us. These employees are often thought of as merely numbers and time cards, especially in large companies where faces blend with the crowd. But that’s not the way a team should work. The last thing you want is to lose a star player because they felt they weren’t fitting in with your business machine. Keeping your team together takes more than a “boss,” it takes a coach that is going to treat employees like members of a team.

I, Starting Up

Yesterday, I met a young couple trying to start their own business. After talk with them there are few points I want to share here, because I was in their position not long ago, and a few of my clients are new start-ups, too. I can testify that being an entrepreneur is sometimes a lonely, difficult and thankless journey. Only hoping the following points will make it become a much enjoyable journey.

How Do You Start A Website?

I get asked the question: “how do you start a website?” quite often. This is usually by people who are baby boomers and new to the Internet, or by others who are toying with the idea that they too would like to get in on the possibilities of building their own home business online. How they ask the question varies.

Attract More Clients Using the Right Positioning

Today is a great day to lay the foundation and start at the beginning of how an entrepreneur gets new clients. Just so you know, the beginning is not branding, marketing, logos and websites, but the beginning starts with you.

How to Use a Web Form Correctly to Boost Leads

Web forms are often used incorrectly. Use them strategically to convert more leads.

An Idea and Drive

The creation of the idea starts a chain. What is the purpose of the idea? Is it feasible? And most of all, has it been tried before? This leads us to research our idea. Discover what it does, what it will do, and most of all- How can we make it happen?

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