Entrepreneurial Euphemism: Is It Really Just Business?

Have you ever heard this euphemism? “It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.” What did you think about it? Did you rationalize the statement on the basis of who said it? Did you ask yourself if it was true?

Can Entrepreneurialism Be Taught?

George Bernard Shaw is famous for, among others things, say that those who can, do; and those who can’t, teach. It’s a clever saying, but it’s completely wrong. And those who believe that it is true, no doubt, can’t teach. But, can entrepreneurialism be taught?

Methods and Tips for Exiting Your Business

It’s time to get the value out of your business – but how? Some key elements to think about before the time actually comes to leave, sell or hand it over.

Were You Taught to Earn The Wheelbarrow Way? Unraveling Inherited Ideas About Work and Wealth

The working-classes tend to hand their children two ideas about work and wealth. One is a blessing, and one is a curse. And most people will never spot the difference.

Start Your Own Cleaning Business With No Money

You really don’t need money to make money with your own cleaning business. There is a proven way of getting started without any investment needed. Learn how you can get your first customer all lined up before needing to spend any money on anything.

Being Frugal Isn’t Always a Wise Business Strategy

When you set out with a goal of growing your business it’s usually fueled by a desire to make more money. Some of us are fueled by making a difference in the world with our products and services. I personally want to do both.

If You Are Only Going to Try

Dear friends, on this post I would like to discuss some points that are quite common and very alarming. One is the mindset of some people who say to me, that they will “Give an online business a go for a while and see how it goes.”

I Can’t Take Money For Helping People

Many holistic health practitioners have concerns or reluctance about charging for their services or charging enough to earn a decent living and sustain a thriving business. If you are truly ‘blocked’ when it comes to charging for your work, and you are not yet ready to push past your comfort zone, there are ways to handle this and stay within your level of comfort. Let’s take a look at how to continue providing your holistic health services, while giving people a break on the cost.

Choose Your Market Segment As If Your Life (and Livelihood) Depended on Your Choice

Unless you are the best in the world at what you do, seek opportunities that repel most people, large economic benefits are present for customers, and can be served with repeatable services by large numbers of ordinary people. The article provides examples of what you may find when you do.

Belief and Success – A Perfect Partnership!

I could not avoid thinking about so many people wishing to start a business, but never accomplishing the project. Setting aside the multiple reasons for that wish, it all begins by elaborating a good idea, or wanting to exploit a personal skill that might turn out a good business. But quite often the work ends up at that point – just being a draft- because the project never becomes real.

Making Your Family Part of Your Business Marketing Team

“Create a new voice to send marketing messages”. My human has taken this to heart. But he’s not the only one. You can send emails from your cat, like Peggy Halgren has done in her knitting business.

Short Term Memory Loss Good for Business Growth?

As you get older your memory may start to fade. You may find yourself walking into a room and saying, “Now why did I come in here….” This causes either laughter or frustration. While this may not be a great result of aging for some reasons, it can be VERY good for growing your business.

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