Start a Business by Serving the Underdogs

Everyone wants to support a winner. That’s the primary reason why there are laws that prohibit anyone on the east coast from revealing election results before the voting closes on the west coast of the United States and Canada. But, what about the underdogs? Have you ever thought of starting a business by helping them to become successful?

Is There a Best Location for Your Business?

Is there such a place as a best location? Is it the actual address that makes a location important, or is there more to it than that? In this article, you’ll learn the underlying principle that makes one location more desirable than another.

How to Avoid Advice From Families, Friends, and Acquaintances Who Know Nothing About Your Business

Imagine this. As you’re walking down the street, you see someone you know. When that person asks you how you are, how do you answer? That depends on who it is, and how well you know him or her. If it’s your Mother’s best friend, and you have a passing acquaintance, then you’ll probably say “Fine,” and then hurry off. If it’s a troublesome client, you may say “Great! I have an appointment. Call me.” If it’s your golfing buddy, however, you may stop, spend a few minutes with him or her, or go for coffee. What would happen if you answered them all in the same way?

The Quick Buck Stops Here

It’s the old chicken and egg problem again. Which comes first: the product or the sale? If you don’t have anything to sell, then you can’t sell it; but if you don’t make a sale, then nothing else matters. In reality, it’s essential that you have both. But, what of those who want to make a quick buck; those for whom the sale itself is all that matter?

Humble Beginnings for Entrepreneurs

It’s easy to be awed by the success of companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google. Although we know that they must have been started at some point, we can only ever imagine them as being as big as they are. And so, as a lesson to us, it’s worth remembering their humble beginnings.

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Care If They Have Characteristics to Succeed

If you’ve spent any time on the internet trying to learn about how to start a business, then you have probably come across no end of articles on what it takes to do so. One of the most common themes is that there are certain things that characterize entrepreneurs. But just because they share some aspects in their personality doesn’t mean that those factors are a prerequisite for it, as many would have you believe.

Businesses That You Can Start Without an Office

Have you ever wondered how you could start a business without an office? Maybe you thought that you had to have cubicle, a secretary, and a fax machine, too. Those things can be nice in the right circumstances, but they are unnecessary. Here are 10 businesses that you can start without any of them.

The New Free: How Entrepreneurs Attract Customers

In his book, New Rules of the New Economy, Kevin Kelly said that many of those things that we were used to paying for would gradually become free. This prediction was made in the late 1990s and is an accepted part of doing business today. Years ago, I received some free seeds for flowers, and one chopstick arrived in the mail.

How Entrepreneurs Cope With Business Tremors

In my part of the world, we have experienced nearly 50 earth tremors in the past fortnight. Typically, there would be the occasional one. But seismic activity of this frequency here hasn’t occurred for 700 years. The epicenter for these tremors is less than 60 miles south of us, and it was in the 1300s that they last experienced a significant earthquake. The general population is afraid to stay indoors, preferring to live in tents. What’s shaking up your business?

Why Entrepreneurs Break All the Rules

For many, entrepreneurs take too many risks; but for entrepreneurs, most people don’t take enough. Society, as a whole, is satisfied with the status quo. It doesn’t like to rock the boat or swim against the flow, nor is it encouraged to do so. Why can’t entrepreneurs just get in line with everyone else?

Gone In a Flash! Are Flash Sales Good For Your Business?

Flash Sales are the latest internet marketing tool. But will doing a flash sale improve your business?

Perfect Locations for an Ice Cream Business

The old adage about “location, location, location” is true; the success of your ice cream business is very dependent on choosing the right location. It’s all about the location! When considering a location for an ice cream business, plan on finding a place that: — Is convenient to your customers.

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