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Customer Retention Secrets of Asian Entrepreneurs

Retaining one’s existing customer base is generally considered to be a critical element to the success of Asian businesses. Many of these entrepreneurs pay more attention to retaining customers than they do to new customer acquisition. From inexpensive repair services to fast service and ever changing menus and hotel décor, these entrepreneurs have figured out clever ways to keep their customers coming back.

How to Start a Successful Business As an Entrepreneur

I will give you in-depth instructions on how to start a successful business as an entrepreneur. I will pull information from personal experience to give you advice, tips, and techniques, to be successful as a entrepreneur.

Three Challenges of Entrepreneurs in The Philippines

The last few weeks almost everywhere I go be it coffee shops, forums, or casual conversations, I often encounter somebody or a group expressing the difficulties in doing business in the country. Is this coincidental or was I just getting conscious? At any rate I decided to begin writing and enumerating to avoid duplicity. I do encourage readers to join as we explore solutions.

Do We Work Hard For Our Money?

Getting people to understand the value of money is important. Money is not the end of all. It is a means to fuel an activity much more the economy. Money also creates opportunities for more businesses to be born.

Fitness Solutions For Entrepreneurs – Home Gyms and ‘Great-Eights’

Generally speaking, entrepreneurs are more motivated and active than the average person and tend to put in more hours, and more varied hours, than employees and executives do. While this can be great for their income, it can really interfere with their workouts and overall physical fitness level.

Video Production Business Tips – Pointers in Selling

Contrary to most people, I actually enjoy when a salesperson calls on me to request a meeting. See, if they are really good, I’ll meet with them more out of respect for a job well done than to actually purchase the product. Then, if after the meeting they end up being REALLY good, I will usually buy their product or service (unless it’s cost prohibitive) simply out of respect for yet another job well done.

Video Production Business Tips – A Guide on Setting Your Rates

I get asked a lot of questions related to how much you should charge for various types of projects. Instead of breaking it down to what you need to charge per project, break down how much you need to make per month and how many hours you’ll actually be able to work on billable production services.

Why CEO’s Hate LinkedIn and Social Media – How to Solve It

CEO’s spend time and resources on activities that produce results. If you want to connect with a CEO or entice your executive team to join LinkedIn and become active then learn to speak in language that will motivate them.

IT Director’s Checklist

  An IT Director’s job is a vast mixture of balancing technology, people and processes as well as assuring that your business and customers are happy with the service you are providing. We present here a checklist of items that an IT Director should be on top of. Whilst it is not exhaustive it contains the major topics we believe all IT Directors should be concerned with.

Outsourcing and Freelancing Key to Business Growth

Technological evolution has reduced the world to a global village. The rate at which information is transmitted from one part of the globe to the other is perhaps what explains why outsourcing and freelancing is now preferred to traditional permanent job placement. The constrained world economy on the other hand mandates firms to find ways and means of reducing the cost of operation so as to maintain some level of profits. This can only be achieved if some duties and tasks are performed by outsourced employees.

Alignment, the Secret to Modern Business Success

One of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses of all sizes is how to take the business to the next level of success and profit without the cost structure getting out of control. One of the biggest costs on most business’s Profit and Loss Statement is salaries and wages, or in simpler terms, people. As a business leader, your challenge is to get more out of your people without making them work ridiculous hours or chasing them around barking orders.

What’s the Key to Success in Today’s Competitive Market?

In the majority of businesses in the UK today, the biggest figure on the cost section of any Profit and Loss Statement is almost always; wages and salaries. The challenge facing most business leaders is to make sure that this cost on the Profit and Loss is actually an investment and not just a cost. One of the major reasons for keeping this a cost in many businesses is when you have the wrong people in your business.

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