8 Side Hustle Ideas – How I Make $20,000 Per Month


What Is the Right Business Entity to Use for Your New Business?

When you are forming your new business, there are many choices for an entity to use: a sole proprietorship, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, Family Partnership, Limited Partnership, to name a few. The choice you make has both tax impacts and legal impacts.

Toughest Part of Being an Entrepreneur

Part of being an entrepreneur is having the patience, ability and proper organization to work around the schedules of your customers and your employees. You have to establish schedules, work around others and work around the ever competitive schedules of others. This a complicated and a totally unavoidable process.

Boundaries and Business Can Co-Exist

As businesses, we live by values and reputation. We want to be known as a brand who delivers. In a fast-paced market, we want to address everyone as much as we can. We say yes to every opportunity that comes our way and we gain a reputation as a brand that works hard and provides good customer service.

Focus, Mindset, Perseverance: What I Learnt From Four International Women’s Day Events

I attended the outstanding Women Inspiration and Enterprise Symposium, an intimate and inspirational Islington Chamber of Commerce Women in Enterprise event, an exuberant Women Unlimited Annual Conference and then a very stylish and chic Woman in Business Brunch. Speakers I watched ranged from Dame Vivian Westwood, Ariadne Founder Julie Meyer, Lynn de Rothschild, Muks founder Jaime Cooke, and vegan cupcake and bakery owner Ms Cupcake. Across the events I watched over 30 successful women business owners speak about how they succeeded and in some cases almost failed, then succeeded again.

When Life Knocks You Down – 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

It’s unavoidable – people get sick, relationships break up, etc. Life will knock you down at some point in your entrepreneurial adventure. Here’s five tips on how to cope with it, hold up the business fort in the meantime and get back up on your feet.

What Is a Project Manager and Why Would I Need One?

It may seem that project managers (whatever they are) are only for banks and big business. But that’s just not true. In this article, you’ll discover what a project manager is and why even entrepreneurs need to use them.

SBA OIC (Offer In Compromise) and Community Banks

Article that explains that community banks are often difficult to settle with. Attempts to provide possible explanation for this behavior.

Business Collaboration Spread Before the Eyes

Many businessmen still underestimate the importance of business collaboration. The purpose of this article is to show how a good internal communication tool can not only strengthen the existing connections in your company, but also help rookies establish trusting relations with their new team and become trained specialists in no time.

Starting Your Own Winery

What sort of things do you need to know before you begin making plans for your own winery? What sort of plants do you need to buy?

Only a Fool Would Start a Business in This Economy – Right?

For many, the thought of lining someone else’s pockets with the profit made off of your back is at best, self-deprecating and at worst a big de-motivator. Many Americans are still not convinced that the economy is in recovery. Unemployment may be down over last year however the job market is still in a state of flux, much like you.

Best Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding is a new source for entrepreneurs to raise much needed capital either to start or grow their business. What is crowdfunding and what are some platforms an entrepreneur should consider?

Building the Right Support Team

Outside support is crucial for scaling up your business. But there are good kinds of support and great kinds. Here is how to build the right support for what you need.

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