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Why Are People Afraid To Move Forward?

Why are people afraid to move forward and begin their own business? What are their inner thoughts holding them back?

Why Are Entrepreneurs So Damn Smart, He Asked Me Back In 1995

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always wondered why an academic deserved a degree or even a PhD for doing research or writing a paper about something. I say this because entrepreneurs write up a business plan, do research too, but they obviously go one step further, they go an actually create it, making it happen in the real world. For this they get no piece of paper citing them as a learned man, or woman. Why? Yes, I dare to ask this question, and I’d like to take a few of your minutes to explain why.

Are You Working With YOUR Ideal Client?

I remember when I first started my coaching business; I was so THRILLED when someone wanted to work with me that I just “took them on!” In fact, I would work with anyone and everyone.

Make a Great Impression By Choosing the Right Meeting Venue

Inspire your employees and guests by choosing a meeting venue that is located outside of work. This will help to increase the effectiveness of your agenda and improve morale and motivation for your workers.

Backyard Chicken Coops: How to Build, Maintain Them?

Now a days there are a variety of coops available on the market. These coops can be either fixed or portable. Hence choose the structure or build the coop keeping in mind you planned to raise the number chickens. They need sufficient space to move around.

Video Production Business Tip – Setting Your Priorities

I often feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that go hand in hand with running a successful video production company. In fact, I think many videographers fail to find any true level of financial success because they struggle with how to prioritize tasks on a daily basis so they can move the business forward by that “critical inch.”

Video Production Business Tip – Developing and Launching New Strategies

Michael and I get so excited about developing and launching new strategies. In fact, we get so fired up that we often want to change the direction of the new strategy within 24 hours of putting it in motion. Obviously, we won’t know if the new strategy will benefit us or our members until we’ve given it a chance to work. The big joke in a recent conversation was that we weren’t even allowing enough time for the paint to dry on a new strategy before we were trying to change directions.

Video Production Business Tip – Improve Your Focus

Every time I realize that I’m trying to do too many things in my video business, I remember the wise words of Miagi from the original Karate Kid movie, “Focus Daniel-san!” Like many of you, I have an insatiable drive to be successful in business and in life. This can be both a blessing and a curse.

Video Production Business Tip – Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

One of the things I’ve learned in almost 20 years of being in the video production industry is that if you want to be crazy successful, you need to find certain “accelerators” that can propel you forward in ways traditional marketing can’t or won’t. I recently wrapped up and delivered a kick butt fundraising video for a local non-profit. It just so happens that this chapter is just one of more than 800 within the same organization worldwide.

Make Money From Dead Men’s Clothes

Did you know that it was possible to make cash from Dead Men’s Clothes? There is a simple niche business here which I would like to open up for you…

A Paycheck Is Never Enough

Money doesn’t fix your problems. Money isn’t an answer, its merely a means to trading up toward your goals and dreams being realized. These seem like mixed concepts but bear with me.

Video Production Business Tip – Making Better and Wiser Decisions

People say all the time to face your fears and to not let fear get in the way of what you want to achieve in life. I agree for the most part but I also want to add that I think a little bit of fear is healthy. Should fear keep you from trying something new? Not necessarily.

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