7 Keys You MUST Know For A Successful Relationship


Constrains Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

The economic development of a country is closely related to the advancement of women. In countries where women have been encouraged to participate in all spheres of life, the economy has usually been steady, whereas wherever their participation has been curtailed, the economy has begun to stagnate.

9 Things You Need To Build A Successful 6-7 Figure Business

Most Entrepreneurs think that success is all about the tips, tricks, strategies. They keep trying to do the right things in the right order and yet, success eludes them. What if there are other things you need to consider as well?

Do You Need A Business Plan?

Why do you need to have a business plan? Most banks and lenders wont look at your business for funding unless you have a business plan. Learn some of the things you need to have to face the banks with confidence.

What It Really Means To Value Your Time

As entrepreneurs and business owners we hear the phrase Value Your Time, a TON. But what does that really mean? There is one universal, undeniable fact: although it may bend and stretch, time is our only non-renewable resource. We can always make more money, find fuel sources, create new relationships, start new careers, but we can never go back in time.

A Good Leader Learns To Delegate

People in management positions, whether they be President, CEO, or COO of a major company or entrepreneurs in their own right carry a lot of responsibility. They work long hours, often being the first into the office and the last out. They keep abreast of all departments and everything happening in their company at any point in time.

Effective Competition in an Industry Subject to Disruptive Technologies

To effectively compete in an industry subject to the influence of disruptive technologies Michael Porter’s five forces model of industry competition is adapted to include virtual competitors. These are companies that do not yet exist but are likely to be created because of a superior business model that incorporates the new technology.

The Success of the Startup Is All About PEOPLE!

I’ve done a few startups. The biggest lesson I have learned over 20 years is that you cannot build a successful startup business without the right people. I have met many entrepreneurs who believed capital was the most critical factor in building a prosperous startup.

Wyatt Yeager: Diamond Mine Exploration

As a valued advisor for programs throughout Africa and South America, Yeager established a new standard for diamond exploration and mining techniques. He’s known for creating engineering and fabricating mineral recovery equipment that’s considered some of the best in the field of mining.

What Is Business Compliance?

How do you line your business up correctly? All banks and lenders have a model of a business they want to lend money to, do you fit that model? Find out how.

What Is a Cash-Flow Forecast and How Do I Use One in My Business

This is a document to show the reasonable projections of income and expenditure for your business. Whilst you cannot expect a business to accurately follow the forecast, it is a very useful tool to predict likely financial problems that the business might encounter and enable you to plan for them. One very important point to note at this stage is that a cash flow forecast is not a predicted profit and loss account, it is a prediction of the flow of money in the business.

How To Create A Business To Last A Lifetime

It’s no secret that in this day and age keeping a small business open and thriving is not an easy task to tackle. You have to overload yourself with knowledge in order to be a success and remain fresh to your target market. Here are some initial steps to create a successful business.

Do I Need a Business Plan and How Do I Prepare One?

Before you start your business you need a business plan. Lots of people start businesses without a business plan and its no surprise that the vast majority of new businesses fail in the first three years of opening. When people say to me that they don’t need a business plan its all in their head, I always ask them how a bank manager, potential landlord or investor might think of their professionalism if they cannot produce a business plan that is well written and looks like some effort has been put into its production.

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