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What Would You Ask a Query From an Entrepreneur?

I’ll give you solid reason and why we get fail to be an entrepreneur. I noticed that one of the most typical causes of failing in the start-up world is that entrepreneurs are too positive about how simple it will be to obtain clients.

How to Be A Personal Accountability Coach

Many people are trained to be risk-averse, which sometimes means they are so worried about trying and failing that they do nothing. Others feel so overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of everything they have to do that they simply do none of it. They are paralyzed into inactivity. How do you keep yourself on track and focus? How do you stay accountable?

How to Deal With Unresponsive Clients

It can be so wearisome when you devote your time and energy on potential customers who have requested for information but did not respond. Here is a few tips to tackle unresponsive clients.

Understanding Decisions and Decision Making

Decision” or “Decision-making” is perhaps one of the oldest known terms to human civilization. Decisions have been made since times immemorial even when mankind was unaware that it was a conscious process and involved many deliberations and assessments. Even the ancient caveman was making some decisions when he decided to invent some tools for planning his next meal. Over a period of time the thinking of human mind became more structured and people began asking for evidence before coming to conclusions. The thought process became more logical, more study-based, and sought action out of the boundaries of just empirical studies.

The 5 Entrepreneurial Funding Sources – Where to Get Capital for Your Business

There are multiple sources of entrepreneurial funding. A typical start-up will seek entrepreneurial funding sources during 5 separate stages of business development. Typically the Entrepreneur will develop an idea and fund this research and early stage market research with his own funds, he will then seek out the “FFF” investors who may fund his idea with, lets use $15K as an example.

Work For Someone Else, Learn the Skills and Then Go Into Business For Yourself – What About Ethics?

As an entrepreneur on the leading edge of a fledgling industry, I found it aggravating to say the least when an employee or independent contractor would quit and then go into direct competition with me. I was even more angered when I noted that the Government Printing Office in Pueblo, Colorado at the time recommended that if you were going to start a business to go work for someone else to learn all you could to get the experience before going off on your own. “Well thanks a lot government – you tax me, and help to put me out of business,” I thought.

7 Good Consequences of a Thriving Wellness Business

Do you dream of having your own private practice, so you can enjoy your family and friends, take more time off work, and do your life’s purpose? I would imagine your answer is yes!

The Quit Factor

Did you once have an idea or a product that you invested in that no longer serves to benefit you? Are you holding on to it because it feels like an old friend… even though it is no longer working? Should you drop it? Maybe you should assign a “Quit Factor” towards it to give you confidence in moving forward.

The Elephant In the Room Harming Entrepreneurs

“Today we have access to highly advanced technologies. But our social and economic system has not kept up with our technological capabilities that could easily create a world of abundance, free of servitude and debt.” -Jacque Fresco (Educator & Futurist). In fact, we are far from utopia and our economic systems have been inefficient and unbalanced for quite some time now. Rather than put all the blame on the continuous government regulations and interference, including tax increases, I would like to highlight the elephant in the room harming novice entrepreneurs – Economics 101. Rather than fall prey, it’s vital that every entrepreneur have a general understanding of economics in an effort to operate as efficient and effective as possible.

When Do Mobile Applications Enhance Business?

There are many tools for business nowadays. Mobile technology is just one of them. As with every tool for every purpose, you need to choose a right tool for the right purpose to succeed.

Taking Advantage of PMP Study Groups

Now that you have made the decision to take the PMP certification exam, the next step is to prepare. Some people really enjoy additional companionship, support, and competitiveness that PMP study groups can provide. If you are one of those who enjoy groups and are looking to find help in your PMP Exam studies, keep reading to learn how beneficial PMP Study Groups can be.

Telling The Truth In College Could Get You Thrown Out – Entrepreneurs In Academia

Okay so, you can call me a trouble maker if you want, but when I was in college I cringed at the fact that I had to sit in a chair and listen to academic professors teach me business, when I was losing $200 per hour because I wasn’t out running my company. What they were teaching me in business school was how to work in a corporation, not how to run an entrepreneurial startup like my company.

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